*on Lashute*

Lord Rulakir. I bring you news.

What is it Lano?

Lord Draco has been defeated.

What?! How is this possible?


So he was able to defeat him. I'll give my brother credit.

To do something I couldn't do. Kill Draco...

He.. didn't kill him. He sealed him.

A seal? Hmmmmm. I guess my hatred will have to die now. As so will I.

No Lord Rulakir... Draco is still alive. You must live as long as he lives.

I'm too old for this stuff. My new apprentice will take my place.

You think he is ready?

... no.


Young Rulakir, your training is still far from over. And as long as my right arm is cursed, I cannot die. So I will teach you what I know.

Yes, master.

You both are dismissed for tonight.

Yes master. *leaves the room*

*waits for them to shut the door* Alas Draco... you are gone and I cannot defeat you for what you did to my dear brother and my dear Erim. *holds a seed in his hand* But, Erim will not go unavenged for what you did to her. All I need is to raise up Crosshair Island and plant this seed and all will be fine. I will have my vengance. All I need is more power. *looks at his right arm, which is covered by the Silver Armlet* It is almost time Silver Armlet. With your help I shall take the power of my followers revive my love. Yes. It is almost time.

*What exactly is Rulakir's plan? And what is his plan with Rulakir? Which Rulakir is which? Stay tuned for the next episode.

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(Megaman X2 - Sigma Battle 2)