I trusted you Rulakir! And then you bring me what you think will be my undoing? You're right. My plan is to use the Orakians to destroy the universe piece by piece! Then, destroy THEM! Nobody can stand up to my power! No Death Dragon, no Orakian, no HUMAN! *starts to flare up his energy*

This can't be good.

When Master Rulakir powers up, he becomes quite vicious.

Why master?

*stops flaring* This should be enough to finish off young Orakio and the traitor, Leene.

... *steps in front of Orakio and Leene* But not me, master.

Lano... then you too shall die with them.

*enters and stands beside Lano* Then I shall die with him.


Young Rulakir... take Orakio to get... his armor. We'll hold him off.

*nods* Orakio... come with me. *runs off*

*nods and follows Rulakir*

My three best students and my old cyborg. Now you're going to try to stand up to me?

If you destroy us Orakians, who will there be to do your dirty work for you?

We shall do our best to stand up to you.

I have the power of an Ultra Orakian, master. You might want to try to take us down you know.

I will abide by Erim's final wish. She will see you again, Master.

I don't believe this. *looks at Leene* Even my own daughter is standing up to me.


You know it to be true, Leene. I thought I wouldn't last forever, so I had fun with another Orakian... the only female Orakian that can power to the 4th level. I knew she'd give me a son that would have power as great as mine... but what does the tramp do? She gives me a DAUGHTER!

... so that's why my father... he told me about this.

Onal was an idiot for decieving me, Lano! He took Leene out of my arms before I had a chance to kill her and her mother! God only knows where the tramp is.


So instead of a son I got a worthless daughter. *points his right arm at Leene* And now you shall fall victim to the Forbidden Spells.

... *kneels on the floor, sobbing*

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Zophar's Colosseum)