*starts to flare up a massive amount of energy*

*covers face with arms* Jema! Get back!

*tries to stand her ground* This power! What is it?

*continues to yell and power up even more*

He's already surpassed our level, Rulakir!

If he goes any further...

He'll destroy us all!

Orakio! What do we do?

We have to get out of here somehow. Wren, can you set the Air Castle's teleport to pick us up?

Negative. Something is holding it back.

*continues to power up, not stopping*

*the walls of Lashute start to shake and crack*

He's destroying Lashute!

He's trying to reach the 5th level!

Is there nothing we can do?!


Jema! I told you to stand back.

Rulakir... I have to. I can stop him and still live. But I have to do it now!

... is Angela safe?

Yes. She's fine.

Then go for it.

*nods* Thank you love.

*stops flaring his energy* Behold... for you will be the first of many to see what true power the Omega Orakian holds!

... Omega Orakian?

The fifth and final level...

Now... nobody, and I mean NOBODY, not even the Star of Algo, can defeat me!

There's only one way to find out...







*To be continued in Episode 36*

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(Shining Force II - Boss Attacks)