*back at the aircastle, 3 days later*

*walks into the dining room* *yawns* Morning all.

Morning Jema. Where's Rulakir?

*walks in behind Jema* Right behind her.

Is everyone here?

No... and I'm starving... I haven't eaten since... well... ever!

*comes in carrying baby Stare* Is the world safe now?

*walks in following Jessica* Awwww... I had a new card out too.

*walks slowly into the room* Why are we called here?

I don't think I'm the right one to ask.

*walks into the room, carrying his sword and shield proudly* Morning.

Well if it isn't the hero himself...

*follows Crys* Don't boost his ego any higher right now.

*follows Crystal* But surely his ego is no match for your beauty oh Crystal.

*smiles* Such a sweet talker.

*follows Arik in* Not nearly as sweet as your brother.

Now you've got to be kidding me.

It's true. I am the man! *flexes and shows off his sword and shield*

*walks in* Yeah yeah, get that away from me.

*follows Raja* I don't think I've seen the room this full since the SYCO days.

Is everybody here now?

I think so.

The bring on the hooters!

... *sweatdrop*

Crys... you have to tell me what that thing is...

You mean my shield? This is the Phoenix Shield...

I know that... but... how did you summon the Phoenix?

I did a bit of research.

WE did a bit of research. I heard about the 4 blades a long time ago, but I didn't know entirely about what they were.

When we read up about it, it seems that each of the 4 blades have a piece of armor that goes with it.

And when the swords and their armor are together, they can summon a spirit. The Solar Phoenix, the Angel of Life, the Grim Raven, and the Demon Dragon.

This is an entirely new legend to me.

I never heard of it before.

I recall a prophecy about it once...

I'm not worried about the 4 blades right now... what worries me is that Zarnath is out there somewhere.

That and Rulakir is still around.

Then that settles it then... if Rulakir is out there somewhere... then we have to step up security. And there's only one person who can do that.

... and who is that?

*grins* Wouldn't you like to know?

*Zarnath is loose and Rulakir is missing. But everyone seems calm. You won't want to miss the final 4 episodes of Get Wise!*

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(Final Fantasy VII - Sending a Dream into the Universe)