*at the king's hall in the Air Castle*

*standing at the head* Well, you finally made it bro.

*standing next to Rulakir* Told you I would be. *looks at the people coming in* They did decide to come.

Makes me glad I eloped. I hate big gatherings.

C'mon Rulakir. I know that wasn't the reason. Why did you elope?

Orakio... how long has it been since I was controlled by SYCO?

Five... six years most.

Before that day you and your party invaded Paseo that day, do you know what I did?

You kidnapped Chang Who.

Do you know who he was?

Not really. It was kind of my first mission.

*looks up at the ceiling* Chang Who was a billionaire. He was the one who helped fund many projects, including, as I just found out, the NEU Project.

What does this have to do with you?

He started a technology of dice spells. They actually worked wonders too.

Kinda like Card Magic?

Sorta. But, they were more of a game than anything. He made billions off little kids who bought the game and used the magic. Well, SYCO wanted him for their idea of making dangerous dice magic. So I went to the village of Kurai and burnt it to the ground. I kidnapped him while he was struggling to save his mistress' life. She was only one of the many casualties that day.

So this has nothing to do with dice?

Just be quiet for a minute. After you rescued Chang Who, and after I was revived permenantly, he put all his resources into killing me. The game he created is now an antique, and he is living poorly now. If I hadn't of killed his mistress and burned the village that day...

Rulakir... listen to me. You need to forgive yourself for those things. You had no control over yourself. In the end, you did the right thing and we defeated Tsarkon. If it wasn't for your help, the Dark Entity, Anja, Draco, and Lord Rulakir would have also been successful. Rulakir, you've paid your debt.

Somehow I don't feel it.

*walks up* Hey... Crystal tells me that Leene will be ready in 10 minutes.

You got the ring?

Yeah... took me a while to buy it off Link, but you wanted the Blue one right?

Yeah... thanks. I'll pay you back as soon as I get back from our trip.

Don't worry about it. I trust ya.

*walks up* Everybody in place?

Yeah... now that you're here. Got my best man and two groomsmen... what more could I need?

*walks up to the alter slowly and stands opposite of Rulakir*

*walks up to the alter and stands opposite of Crys*

*walks up to the alter and stands opposite of Zak*

Let me tell you something brother... I've never been prouder of you than I am right now. You have a good woman to look forward to. *whispers to him* Besides... at least you're keeping the bloodline going.

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