*the lava rises even more*

*the ledge he is holding breaks off* Oh crap! *scrambles to find a new hold*

*grabs onto Orakio's hand* Gotcha!

*looks up* Leene?

Hold on... I'm going to pull you out of here! *flies away from the volcano just before it erupts*

*climbs aboard Wren*

You did it brother! The moon is gone!

I did it?

*hugs Orakio* You're alive!

Way to go!

Where is everybody? What happened to the Air Castle?

It crashed just outside of the town of Somerset. Nobody was hurt though.

*looks over the wreckage as they fly over it* I guess it is over now.

*lands where the rest of the group is*

Rulakir! *hugs him* You're alright!

*hugs Jema* Of course I'm alright... I am the best you know.

*runs to Zak* Zakky!

*hugs Jessica* Hey hun... is Stare alright?

Yeah... he made it out alright. Tough little boy.

Orakio... you're alright!

Yeah... is Crystal alright?

She hit her head pretty hard, but she'll be alright. I looked after her personally.

Orakio! Leene!

Crys... where's Jaymi?

She left for the Air Castle wreckage. She's looking to see if everything is ok.

She just wants to save the documents.

Most likely, yeah.

Meow... Orakio?

Myau... *pets him* Did you fly out again?

Meow... yes yes.

*walking towards them* I missed the adventure again?

Yeah... sorry man.. How's youre back?

It's better. Doctor said I could try out my rocket pack soon.

No I didn't...

Whatever... I'm going to.

I hope your insurance covers it.

*walks in* I saw what happened.

Where have you been?

Oh here and there. But, I was in Somerset when I saw the crash. Whole village fled to Kennebec.

Is everything fine?

Yes, but I am here to say one thing though.

*stands next to Orakio* What is it?

By the power vested in me by the town of Somerset, I now pronounce you man and wife. Orakio, you may now kiss the bride.

*smiles at Starbird* Starbird you old bird... *smiles at Leene.*

*and thus ends the legendary series of Get Wise*

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