*back at Control headquarters*

*holds a few cards in front of his face, sitting across a table from Orakio* So... Ralph I. El was assassinated?

*also holding a few cards* Yes... it would appear that Golgo 13 has returned.

*sets a card face down* How exactly do you know Golgo 13?

Well, it is a rather long story. Let's just say that he was one of the two figures that influenced me to fight crime.

But he doesn't fight crime. He kills people. *plays another card* Summon Snipe Hunter.

*flips a card over* Solemn Judgment. Well, it was two key meetings during my younger days before coming here. I was looking for an answer to my empty life. I was walking over a bridge when a saw a man perched on the railings with a rifle. He was aiming it at the water, or at least I thought.

What was he doing?

He told me he was fishing. I asked who he was and all he said was 13. After he said his name, I looked over the railing at a passing boat. He fired at the boat and then got up off the railing.

An assassination attempt?

I was curious about his actions. The only thing he told me was that he saved the world.

Did he leave then?

I asked him if it ever bothers him to kill. He said that sometimes you have to sacrifice a part of yourself in order to become somebody. He left me there.

He was the one that influenced you to join control?

Not alone. Later that day, I ran into Maxwell Smart, a former Control Agent himself.

That name doesn't ring a bell.

Well, he asked what I was doing, and I told him that I just saw a man kill another man. I told him that I don't want killing to happen anymore, that I want a world where everybody can live peacefully.

Then what did he say?

He gave me the card to Control and told me that you have to sometimes sacrifice somebody in order to gain true freedom. He said that if I am really interested in protecting the world that I should sign up with Control. He then left with his wife and I've never seem him again.

That was a long time ago.

Yeah... I had so little power then... but now with the Great Seal in place, I have even less. I am...


... yeah.

That isn't bad.

I know, but everytime evil reared its ugly head, my powers and the powers of everybody else would save the day. Now I cannot fly, I cannot use magic, I cannot power up. I realized during the whole Golgo 13 incident that I am no different now than Ralph I. El. A single bullet could kill me, and that scares me.

Orakio is scared?

It used to be that massive blasts of fire could not even scratch me. Now I get hurt when I bump my toe.

Don't worry about it. Just wear your armor if you get too scared.

I can't chief.

Why's that?

Because I cannot move in my armor. It's too heavy.

Hmmmm... that is a lot different.

I don't if I can get used to this. Any information on the Great Seal?

None at this time.

Well, I guess Vegeta and I will just have to do our jobs the hard way.

*banging is heard from the other side of the wall*

*hitting head on wall* Stupid... great... seal... Can't... fly... or... power... up... Hate... O... ja... ma...

At least you are taking it better than him.

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