Well Orakio. So nice to see you again.



This time, your little friend Sandor isn't here to save you, Orakian.

How did you get revived?

The Entity is very generous.

Want us to get him, Orakio?

Back away guys. I've got him this time.

Hmmm... you seem to have a deathwish.

Yeah... for you.

You cannot harm me while the Non-Entity protects me.

Well dammit, I was afraid of that.

Do I have to fight all of your battles for you Orak?

Not all of them... just the ones in this Movie.

So, the Orakian isn't going to fight me? What are you, chicken? *clucks like a chicken*

*casts Megid on Sadoul*

*is incinerated* Would you like that southern fried or extra crispy? *dies*

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(Vay - Hardcore Battle)