*meanwhile... again*

Another light? How did Sadoul fail me? Well, no matter. I have the Orakian Light of Darkness. I will use its power and make it my own.

*motionless, hanging from chains*

Patience, Rulakir. Sleep well. But for now, I've got a gift of my own. GHALEON!!!

*appears* Yeah, and what do you want?

Don't you have any respect for the person who revived you?

Yeah, well I am still a bit mad at those Orakians.

Well give me a moment and I'll explain.

Explain what?

The Orakians are going after the Orakian Lights. They think they can destroy me.

And you want me to kill them? I'm not that dumb.

Yeah, but this time there are only 3 of them.

Oh yeah? Rulakir I assume... you must have him.

He's a part of one of my plans.

Excellent. So where are the Orakians heading?

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Mines)