So I left one, huh? You seem like easy pickings.

I'm much tougher than I look, Ghaleon.

Yeah right. C'mon. I'll even give you a free attack.

Close your eyes.

Oh alright. *closes eyes* Now c'mon and hit me.

*casts Cure4 on Orakio*

*gets up* Thanks Weiila. Now heal the rest of the party.

No problems.

C'mon pixie. I'm waiting.

Sword Melee! *slashes Ghaleon 3 times, jumps, slashes him 2 more times, and then slashes him one more time on the way down*

Argh! What the hell? *opens eyes* Orakian!

*stands nose to nose to Ghaleon*

How did you get revived?

I was never dead.

Damn. I've got to do a better job killing you next time.

Well, I've got another surprise for you. *grabs his sword*

And what would that be?

A little combo attack of my own. *the blade of his sword turns red* Megido Blade! *does a backflip slash on Ghaleon, then jumps above him and comes down with a huge slash*

Not again! Damn you Orakians! You'll never get the... *holds jar with the light in his hands*

The Light. Dammit.

*gets up* Allow me. *jumps over Ghaleon and grabs the jar in the process*

Noooooooooooo! Damn you Orakians! I will return someday to seek revenge again.*dies*

Alright. We've got the light. Thanks Nessa.

Man. I've never had this much fun.

You call being hit with the Dragon Cannon fun?

Sure. Why not? Weiila was there for us.

Thank you, Weiila. If it weren't for you, we'd all be dead.

Don't worry about it. I'm glad to help out.

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(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Fighters)