*back outside the Hathaway Factory*

We finally have the 4th light.

Yes. I am the Orakian Light of Love. Anger and Love are the two keys which make it possible to power up.


So you're the light that Orakio never recieved.

Oh shut up for once.


The only Orakian I never gave light to was Rulakir. But on the contrary, the only person who recieved the final light was Rulakir.

Final Light?

The Orakian Light of Darkness.

Oh no.

Any idea where this light could be?

I don't have the slightest idea.

Nor do we.

Well this isn't good then.


What's up, Zero?

I've just heard word that something is happening at Non-Entity's lair.

It must be the Platinum Monkey.

You mean you are still worried about that?

No, but we might as well retrieve it.

Why? The owner dead now.

Good point.

I think Rulakir is in trouble.


We have to rescue him.

*runs* Wait a second!


Orakio. The Gold Armlet. Do you have it?

Yeah. Why?

Equip it.

*equips it* Ok, now what?

I just found out that the Gold Armlet can be used to store the power of the Orakian Light and condense it.


That is why your father failed. The Light was unstable. If you can place all 5 pieces in the Gold Armlet's jewel, you can defeat the Non-Entity.

Thank you, Rune.

Time's a wasting. We have to rescue Rulakir.

Just be careful please. Don't fight the Non-Entity until you have the 5th light.

Not a chance.

Then what are we waiting for?

Nessa, I would prefer that you stay back.


You got hit pretty hard. I don't think you'd be of any help against the Non-Entity.

Well thanks a lot.

He's right you know.

Yeah I know.

Us Orakians are going in. Just take care of yourself.

Thanks Orakio.

Alright Orakians. Let's go!

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(Shining in the Darkness - Start)