*back at Control HQ*

Wow. What a nice garage we built.

Is that all you can think about? The Orakians nearly died.

Bah. I had faith in them all along.

Yeah right.

We know you bettet than that Chief.

*enters* Ok, who called me here?

You are going to witness the greatness of my work. A new garage.

I hate garages.

Tell me you didn't just say that.

Ok. I didn't just say that.

Thank you.

*walks in* Wow. Nice Garage, Chief.

*walks in* Good, but not great.

What is wrong with it?

It is missing a car.

Oh yeah. Where is that car you told me about?

It is waiting for you at Mt. Katahdin.

Oh no! By now the volcano's eaten it alive.

Awwwwwwwww. Tough break chief.

Ok, where is my good for nothing brother?

What is wrong now?

He left the toilet seat up! I almost fell in.

Now you know how I feel.

*walks in* Ha ha ha! April Fool's

It is winter you numbskull.

Oh well. Happy belated April Fool's. I am only 10 months late.

Bah, whatever. By the way. Where is Ali?

He left for home.

No I didn't.

You're here? Good. Perhaps you can help find me a car.

Oh no. You're worse than a woman in a clothing store.

Oh yeah. *grunts*

Well, needless to day, woman or the Tool Man, he'll end up spending a lot of money on something he'll only use once.

Speaking of money, fork it over.

What money?

You lost the bet. Now hand over the money!

Oh alright. My life savings. 5 cents.

Thank you.

Man. I need to get a real job. I wonder if Wal*Mart is hiring?

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(Warsong - Preparation)