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Everyone loves a good timeline, or at least thats what I'd like to think. The timeline I've compiled is 100% accurate up to around the end of Code Veronica. Oh, and just so nobody from other Resident Evil sites go after me claiming I stole their timeline...don't bother. Mine is based off of Capcom's actual timeline and not guesses and theories. And anything prior to 1960 is somewhat pointless as the births of minor characters and the like aren't worth the effort. My timeline encompasses the birth of Umbrella itself as well as the events that lead to its downfall. Anything past Code: Veronica is assumption as Capcom has yet to release anything involving that time. So until something official IS released feel free to send me what information you have.

Year: Month: Event: Signifigance:
1960: Unspecified Michael Warren arrives in Raccoon City and begins equipping the city for electricity. While this event is seemingly meaningless, it is the first step towards Umbrella's eventual destruction of the city.
1960: Unspecified Edward Ashford, Fifth Head of the once illustious and noble house of Ashford, sets out to find The Progenitor Virus. This is the first step of the most important event in the series as The Progenitor Virus is the building blocks of the T and G Viruses.
1962: Unspecified George Trevor is commissioned by Ozwell E. Spencer, future CEO of Umbrella, to create a mansion. This event leads to the creation of the mansion the original Resident Evil takes place in, it's also the spark that creates the G-Virus.
1967: November After five years of work the mansion is completed. With the mansion completed the events of 1998 are cemented.
1967: November After five years of searching Spencer, James Marcus and Edward finally get their hands on the Progenitor Virus. The discovery of the Progenitor Virus leads to the experiments performed on Lisa Trevor, daughter of George Trevor, which in turn leads to further experiments yeilding the T-Virus, G-Virus and Nemesis Parasite.
1967: December George Trevor dies under mysterious circumstances in the mansion. This is the first event to hint towards the sinister intentions of Ozwell Spencer.
1968: Unspecified The construction of the streetcars for Raccoon City is begun and the system opens in Raccoon City. Not really an important event but Jill uses the streetcar system for transportation during Nemesis.
1968: Unspecified, but presumably early in the year as Umbrella's Management Training Facility is opened later in the year. Umbrella Pharamaceuticals is founded as a front for Spencer's designs. Without a doubt the single most important event in the entire history of Resident Evil, this single event leads to the start of Spencer's empire and the creation of rival companies as well.
1968: July Edward Ashford is accidentally infected by the Progenitor, Alexander Ashford, father of Alfred and Alexia, becomes the head of the Ashford House and the downward spiral of the once great house begins. This event leads to Spencer's complete control over Umbrella and it also leads to Edward realizing he's not as competent as his father. Which leads him to attempt to clone his ancestor Veronica in an attempt to bring Umbrella under control of the Ashfords.
1968: August The Umbrella Management Training Facility is opened and James Marcus is placed in charge of it. This leads to the creation of the T-Virus itself, as well as Wesker's grand ambitions and as his creation of the G-Virus along with Birkins.
1969: February In an attempt to cement the future mastery of Umbrella by the Ashfords, Alexander orders the construction of a secret based in the Antarctic. The sole purpose of which is to allow him to inact Code: Veronica. The signifigance of this event is undeniable as it leads to the creation of the sick and depraved minds of Alfred and Alexia. As well as the creation of the vastly inferior T-Veronica Virus.
1969: November The Antarctic base is completed. This event further cements the events in Code: Veronica.
1971: Unspecified Code: Veronica comes to fruition. Alfred and Alexia are born. With the birth of the twisted mind of Alfred and the cruel, psychotic, megalomaniacal genius Alexia the threat of Umbrella grows ever stronger.
1972: Unspecified Billy Coen, co-star of Resident Evil: Zero, is born. As the first of the main characters to be born, Billy is the first character recognized on this timeline that contributes to the destruction of Umbrella.
1973: Unspecified Chris Redfield, co-star of Resident Evil, Resident Evil DS, the Remake and Code: Veronica, is born. As one of the stars of the original Resident Evil, Chris is one of the first five people to stand against Umbrella. Although his importance is somewhat lowered early in the series as the official storyline of Resident Evil has Jill doing most of the work at the mansion.
1974: Unspecified Ada Wong, Spy extrordinaire and Leon's partner/love interest in 2 and 4, is born. An interesting event if I do say so myself. Ada, like Wesker, is part of a larger puzzle. It's unsure if she realizes she's a pawn in a greater plan or whether she does and is attempting to use those using her to further her own ambitions.
1975: Unspecified Jill Valentine, co-star of Resident Evil, Resident Evil DS, the Remake and the sole star of Nemesis, is born. Without a doubt, Jill is the single most bad ass video game heroine there is. As the true star of the original game, and its subsequent remakes, and the star of Nemesis she is an integral piece in the downfall of Umbrella.
1976: Unsure, if anyone knows feel free to send me the info. The Ebola Virus is discovered. While a 'real world' event may seem like a strange addition to this timeline it's obscenely important as the Ebola Virus is one of the building blocks of the T-Virus.
1977: September Wesker and Birkins are sent to the Management Training Facility. This is the beginning of the end for James Marcus and the advent of the two scientists that would spark the destruction of Raccoon City.
1977: Unspecified, sometime in October I think...I may be crazy. Leon Scott Kennedy, co-star of Resident Evil 2, star of Resident Evil 4 and the juncture point of the whole RE universe as EVERYONE seems to know him, is born. As the star of 2 and 4, Leon is one of the most loved characters in all of Resident EVildom. He's also a major factor in Umbrella's defeat as he's one of less than 10 people to escape from Raccoon City.
1978: January Marcus succeeds in using his leeches to create the T-Virus. This sinister and horrendous day is the first true landmark in this timeline since the forming of Umbrella.
1978: July Less then one year after Wesker and Birkins arrive at the facility, it is closed. Marcus remains to use the facilities to continue his research while Wesker and Birkins take samples of the T-Virus to the mansion facilities. This event leads to the horrors of both Zero and the original game.
1979: Unspecified Claire Redfield, co-star of 2 and Code: Veronica, is born. Not much of an event as Claire's only real goal is finding Chris. After she does, she pretty much just tags along on his mission to destroy Umbrella. (No it's not your imagination, I dislike the Redfield characters so I downplay their importance. Not much work as Capcom did most of it for me.)
1980: Unspecified Rebecca Chambers, co-star of Zero and Chris' ever annoying sidekick of the Resident Evil, Resident Evil DS and the Remake, is born. While not a huge event she is one of the few survivors of the mansion and Raccoon City, not much is known of her past there but it's assumed she works with Chris, Claire, Jill, Barry and Leon to destroy Umbrella.
1981: July Stunningly, Alexia graduates a world famous university at the top of her class at the age of 10. At this point Birkins starts to see her as a threat and a rival. This is the first step towards two major events. Alexia's incredible intellect inspires Birkins to work harder so he's not passed up by a prepubescent little girl and it also leads to Alexia's creation of the T-Veronica Virus.
1982: Unspecified, before April, presumably March. Some time between her graduation and around March '82 Alexia creates the T-Veronica Virus and infects her father, Alexander with it. This experiment is deemed a failure as, while Alexander does become extremely powerful he also goes completely insane.
1983: April Although harshly unsuited to the role due to his incestuous obsession with his sister and somewhat psychotic state of mind, Alfred is made the 7th head of the house of Ashford at the tender age of 12. This leads to the further downfall of the Ashford family and the events of Code: Veronica.
1983: December Wesker starts experimenting on secondary exposure to the T-Virus and begins his plans to use the T-Virus for his own gains. This, without a doubt, leads to the downfall of Umbrella. It is unknown whether Wesker is truly working on his own or whether he is being manipulated by Spencer without knowing it.
1983: December At this point the failure of Alexander's infection with the T-Veronica strain has lead Alexia to believe that to gain control over the power granted by the T-Veronica strain the infected must be given time to adapt to the changes. Therefore she infects herself and enters a cryogenic chamber that will allow her body to adapt and control the virus within.
1984: Unspecified Ramon Salazar is born. With the birth of Ramon Salazar the Los Illuminados will eventually rise to power due to the foolish midget's releasing of the Las Plagas parasite.
1984: Uspecified Ashley Graham, future daughter of a president and Ganados bait, is born. Without Ashley there would be no 4, which is a bad thing. We like 4.
1986: Unspecified Poor little Sherry Birkins is born. You can't help but feel sorry for this annoying little cretin. Shitty parents AND she gets chased by zombies, Tyrants and god knows what else. All for the G-Virus sample in her necklace.
1987: Unspecified Michael Warren is voted into the office of Mayor in Raccoon City. Warren's policies and his drives to bring the city into the 21st century leads to Umbrella's infiltration of the city.
1988: Unspecified After ten years of work, the T-Virus is finally completed. With the perfect form of the virus, Wesker and Birkins begin work on the Tyrant model of B.O.W. Around this time Marcus is assasinated by Wesker and Birkins under orders from Spencer. WIth the T-Virus' perfection the horrors of '98 are set into motion. As well as with the assassination of Marcus the events of Zero.
1988-91: Unspecified Somewhere in this time the Tyrant prototypes are created, as well as the prototypes for the Nemesis parasite. It's a little known fact but the Nemesis parasite lead to the creation of the G-Virus.
1991: Unspecified Umbrella starts production on the large facility found beneath Raccoon City. This single facility leads to the escape of the T-Virus into Raccoon City.
1991: Unspecified With the Nemesis project given the green light in Europe, Birkins is given the go ahead for his improvement to the T-Virus. Eventually called the G-Virus. This event cements the events of 2 and 3.
1993: Unspecified Police Chief Brian Irons makes covert, illegal deals with Umbrella. You may be noticing a pattern, Umbrella is slowly infiltrating Raccoon City and taking over key locations and facilities.
1993: Unspecified Birkins is transfered to the facility beneath Raccoon City. At this point he is put in charge of the dealings with the RCPD chief, Irons. With Birkins at this facility the T and G-Viruses are in a position to be 'accidentally' unleashed upon the city.
1993: Unspecified, presumably at one of the three points in a year where university terms end. Alfred graduates from a presitgious university in England and begins his work with Umbrella. Due to his enhanced intelligence he quickly rises through the ranks and ends up in charge of both the Antarctic and Rockfort bases. While he is given out of the way assignment like his father, Umbrella is lucky Chris and Claire came along when they did. If not the Ashfords would have likely conquered Umbrella and maybe even the world.
1993: December In preperation for possible leaks of the T-Virus, an anti-B.O.W. training facility is created. This facility leads to the creation of agent HUNK and his teams.
1994: Unspecified John, Ada's "fiance", is sent to the mansion facility to take over for Birkins. Whether he'll admit it or not John's incompetence leads to the events in Resident Evil, if he'd been on top of his game he'd have been able to stop Wesker before his plans were set into motion.
1994: Unspecified Alfred begins preperations for Alexia's awakening. He creates a mansion and prison on Rockfort island, it is believed his multiple personality disorder starts to surface around this time. The location for the events of Code: Veronica is completed.
1996: Unspecified Wesker forms S.T.A.R.S. under the RCPD. The sole purpose behind S.T.A.R.S. was to have a group of elite, specially trained law enforcement officers that Umbrella's B.O.W. could be tested against. This event is better known as Resident Evil.
1996: Unspecified Upon graduation from the Anti-B.O.W. facility, Hunk is sent to Rockfort Island to undergo special training to join the Umbrella Special Forces. This leads to Umbrella getting ahold of a sample of the G-Virus and the transportation of the T-001 Tyrant that attacks Claire in Code: Veronica.
1998: May A large amount of waste products are dumped at the Umbrella Waste Disposal factory. The majority of it is not destroyed before it can leak out and cause trouble. This marks the beginning of the events in Zero and Resident Evil.
1998: May The T-Virus escapes at the mansion facility. The lab is 'abandoned' but not before the entire staff is infected by the virus and become zombies. This is the event that actually causes Resident Evil, without this single event the S.T.A.R.S. would have had no zombies to kill.
1998: May Marcus is revived after 10 years of being recreated by his Leech Queen. This event is the spark of Zero and one of the contributing factors to Resident Evil.
1998: May The body of a woman is found, mauled to death by a Cerberus B.O.W. This is the first suspicious death that eventually leads to S.T.A.R.S entering the mansion.
1998: July A large number of people are reported missing or dead near the mansion facility. Because of this S.T.A.R.S. is sent to investigate. And so the order that begins Resident Evil is issued.
1998: July 23rd With the order issued, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team is sent to investigate the mansion. Their helicopter crashes and the events of Zero occur at this time. As the event explains this is the beginning of Zero.
1998: July 24th With the disappearance of the Bravo team, the Alpha team is sent in to investigate. The events of Resident Evil occur at this time. Enter the Survival Horror.
1998: August Chris, Jill, Rebecca and Barry learn of the G-Virus. They make plans to take on Umbrella, with Rebecca completley disappearing from the series at this point, Barry ensuring his family is safe, Jill taking care of things in Raccoon City and Chris heading after the G-Virus in Europe. This event leads to 2, 3 and Code: Veronica.
1998: September 22 At this time the T-Virus escapes out into Raccoon City and Birkins, having completed work on the G-Virus, is assassinated. 2 and Nemesis anyone?
1998: September 28th With the city completely infested by zombies, Jill Valentines has quit S.T.A.R.S. and his failed at her task in attempting to get in investigation into Umbrella. She begins her attempts to escape the city but ends up being chased by Nemesis, before the 28th is done she is infected with the Nemesis strain of the T-Virus, maybe even the G-Virus as well, and becomes unconcious. One of her comrades, Carlos, saves her by getting his hands on a vaccine making Jill the only woman alive immune to the viruses. She sleeps for more than 48 hours while recovering. The events of Nemesis.
1998: September 29th Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield enter Raccoon City and the events of 2 begin. The events of 2.
1998: October 1st The events of Nemesis continue, and are conluded upon the nuclear missile (argue the nuclear part all you want, it's in the official storyline) attack on Raccoon City by the US Government. With the obliteration of Raccoon City and Barry's rescue of Jill and Carlos the horror of Umbrella is over. This event leads to the desturction of Umbrella due to presures on the government.
1998: December Still searching for Chris, Claire is captured by Alfred's forces in Paris. Soon after the events of Code: Veronica occur. Code: Veronica occurs.

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