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Archives: April 2003

• Radical!
04.26.2003 Update by Cidolfas

RPGClassics is not dead! If you've tried viewing us for the last couple of days, well, we've had some serious server problems, involving a worm virus. Anyway, the worst of it is over and we are currently working on getting everything back online. So bear with us over the next few days.

Status Update:

-The forum and chat are both working ( for the forums and port 6667 #rpgclassics for the chat), so you can hang out there if you want. Chat java client isn't online yet though.
-Virtually all our site's content from before 2 weeks ago is saved, and Zero is uploading it as you read this. Stuff like the shrine data, etc.
-However, much of our php-related information has been lost. Database updates after December, some database organizational work, most forum data, and the updates archive are all gone as of now. Cidolfas is working on getting this stuff restored as much as possible. Also, if any of you have any updates saved in your internet cache or something please e-mail them to me and I will be eternally grateful .
-The subsites such as the FFC, HTI, Macc's HQ, and Realms of the Dragons are not all online as of yet. I know the FFC and ROTD are being uploaded, and the other two will be once Macc and Hiryuu know what's going on (we don't have their work backed up though but they probably do).
-Consider miscellaneous stuff (like Online Life and other affiliatedish material) to have an unknown status, we don't have any of that category of stuff officially backed up but it might be somewhere.
-Staff members need to access the staff board to find out the status of their e-mail accounts.
-The site's format and layout and navigation may be a little glitchy for a while. So bear with us if things look strange or aren't working right, etc. We'll get it all together sooner or later.

The site should be back mostly together by tonight (4/27), but I can't guarantee how many services will be fully restored until Cid and I can look and see how much was saved. We're on the long road to recovery though. More news to follow as to what happened later. Thank you for your patience and, we're getting there. -Merlin, Zero, Cidolfas, and the staff

RPGC Will Return

• The Great Deletion 2, Take 2
04.27.2003 Update by Cidolfas

Well, here's my update on the situation. Geez, I need a break. Ahem. The FF Compendium should be back up within the hour (although I'm sure there's SOMETHING I missed). The main thrust of the work I've been doing today is making sure the join page and shrines in progress are back up to snuff. Happily I kept track of the shrines in progress on my computer, and the shrine database SHOULD (finally) be back to the way it was before this whole thing happened. However, I'm only human, so PLEASE take a look at the join page and let me know if something seems weird or wrong.

As for the shrines in progress themselves, your FTP accounts should be working fine (although again, I may have mistyped a password or something, so please try them out and let me know if something's not working). I'm not sure if we actually managed to back up any of the shrines in progress. Hopefully you have your own backups which you should upload back to your accounts as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I lost the status of the shrines viz-a-viz the checkup e-mails. This means that I'm basically starting from scratch. I scattered the checkup dates throughout the month, so if you have a shrine in progress, you'll be getting an e-mail sometime in the next three weeks no matter when I got your last e-mail. Sorry about that, but it's the best way to keep me sane. -_-

Finally, for those few of you who claimed to have a complete shrine in the last week or two, please send me that info again. Because the forums were wiped, the threads in the staff forum dealing with your shrines were also wiped. We'll have to start anew there as well.

All I really have left to do is some cleanup with the PHP files around the place. The database and shrine system pages will look a little weird (and the FAQ links may not work) for a while until I get that done.

Thank you for your patience and I hope everyone gets back on track quickly!

• A Certain Degree Of Normalcy
04.28.2003 Update by Merlin

Well, as of now it appears that all existing RPGC data prior to the Second Great Deletion has been restored, thus explaining our more normal look and feel. The final casualty list actually seems a lot better than originally anticipated. We've lost a good deal of database work, but in light of how much was saved the losses weren't too bad since most of the work was done December or before, which is where our backups came from; plus we had a lot more saved than originally feared. Secondly, the biggest single loss was the updates archive. We've basically lost all those updates made after making the switch to our php-based one. Fortunately those lost updates (at least the most important ones) were archived in some form in the site history, and what isn't yet in the history happened recently enough that we should be able to cobble it together in the history this summer. Any site changes that happened in the last two weeks prior to the Deletion were also lost, but that can be recouped easily enough and I bet most of the staff who made said updates still have their work on their computers. And lastly, we lost all our forum data post-December 21st, but we decided to wipe the board clean of posts anyway so we'll just have to have a fresh start in that regard.

On the bright side though we learned a lot too. We realized the utmost importance that regular backing up truly is, and will do so in the future. Certain nagging server performance issues have also been fixed post-meltdown, so I honestly expect the server to function better with the Deletion than before without it. Lastly, it's taught us a few things about security as well, which we will explore in terms of upgrading the security of our server later so that these kinds of attacks don't happen again.

I just want to thank all the staff who helped me get the site back up and running, especially Cidolfas and Zero, who got the php back and functioning and also restored most of the existing site backups. I also want to thank the regular site visitor Nulani, who helped me slightly in getting some site features back on-line server-side, mainly by informing me of a few telnet commands I didn't know. And lastly, thank you, the visitors for sticking with us through these last extremely tumultuous times. If your support continues despite the ordeal of the last few days then it will make the 2-3 days nearly straight that some of us worked on getting RPGC back to snuff more worthwhile. Thank you, and I think from here business can run as usual, any nagging issues will get resolved over the next week and a half or so.

"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," -Nietszche

• Mailbag
04.30.2003 Update by Megaman984

Well, first there was the site problem, so I couldn't upload on Sunday. Now, it seems my ISP doesn't want to let me do various internet related stuff, so that's why The Mailbag is late. Many thanks to Tenchimaru Draconis for uploading.

• TRT versus the Worms
04.30.2003 Update by Rirse

Hi everyone, just a small update today. First off, the worms suck big time, but I done some things to thank our much deserve staff with a image that showcase the four who did the most on combating the worms, which you can see here. Also updated TRT today with a new art gallery filled with works of Mabatsekker, DragonRage, and more. Plus a link to my bio was added. Some new episodes will premire soon, so do not worry.

• Status Update
04.30.2003 Update by Merlin

Yes, we know the site is acting a little laggy for you guys, but we're still recuperating from our server restore. I've just got in contact with the server guru staffer Black Ninja and pulled him out of hibernation, he'll hopefully check things over on Friday or Saturday and then either fix things or advise me on what to do next. Please be patient with us, we're doing our best.