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Archives: December 2003

• With a little help, even fan music gets updates
12.06.2003 Update by Skankin' Garbage (Is lazy)

Hey there, everyone! With some help again from fellow staffer PKT Paladin, the fan music page got updated. Mostly, with a plethora of midis from him! (That's a very good thing :D) From PKT, we have...From Final Fantasy 3 (NES), the Overworld theme (It's called "Eternal Wind", isn't it?), the battle theme, and the cave theme. Also, the Dark World theme from Zelda 3, plus, from Sailor Moon: Another Story, we have the Intro and Silver Millenium theme, and finally, a piano arrangement of the Final Fantasy (4) prelude, which you can find in the special arrangements section. Also, we have two originals: one is from RPG Knight, called "Fight and Keep on Fighting", and the other on is from Masta Zee, called "MelodicallyInclined." Enjoy, kids! Enjoy indeed! :D

• New Polls and Stuff
12.08.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Polls are on FFX's world progression style and the ever-so-famous composer Nobuo Uematsu. 'Nuff said.

• Affiliates and Links updated
12.13.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

Hey hey hey, 't is me. Small update today, the affiliates and link pages both got a HTML makeover, greatly reducing the filesize/loading times and that sort of thing. Also, a lot of dead links were filtered out, and some URLs were fixed. That about sums it up. You may resume your regularly scheduled activities now.

• Fire Emblem Exposure!
12.14.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Besides the usual poll updates today, Nintendo was nice enough to give us screenshots, downloads and various other media for a Fire Emblem coverage section. Check it out if you're a Fire Emblem fan!

• New AD&D Game
12.14.2003 Update by The Black Ninja

This update targets our D&D players. I will be starting a new game on January 4th that will be on Sunday nights. If you would like to play in the game, please send me an email with the subject "AD&D Game". I will only give out more details to those who email me. Think of it as showing serious interest in playing.


• Last fanfic update before Christmas!
12.19.2003 Update by Weiila

'ello everybody, and welcome to another fanfic update, brought to you by angel feathers and dragon scales.
There's still a few days left until the special Christmas update on the 25th, so if you want to add something to that (only holiday themed fics for that one), send them as soon as possible.

• I'm bald and bored, here's an update. Merry Christmas.
12.20.2003 Update by RedComet

After about 3 weekends of work I've added some info to the walkthrough section of the Cross Dimension shrine, not much though. The main goal was organizing the screenshots but I got some info up as well. You now can find out what date a mission takes place on and what its corresponding episode is in the anime. Go me, right?

Ho, Ho, Ho! If anyone wants to show their appreciation and send me a gift for the holidays any of the three things I just named will be fine. ;)

• Time for Polls
12.21.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

New topics! This week you can tell us all about your sprite-creation exploits and what got you started or interesting in the role-playing game genre. Go vote!

• Hurray for Giving
12.24.2003 Update by Merlin

I just wanted to send out some thanks to two site visitors who over the last month donated some money to RPGClassics! Thank you MauriceXe for your 5 dollar donation, and especially thank you Angus MacDonald for your 30 dollar donation!

While I'm talking about donating, let me make a quick plug for money while I'm at it. RPGC has decided to run itself advertisement free, so as not to annoy you the users. But, we also have bills to pay that are over 100 dollars (American) a month. So, making site ends meet can be taxing. Anyway, I know it's an expensive holiday season, but if any of you have extra money burning holes in your pockets, the community of RPGC would graciously accept any donations you choose to make. The best way is through Paypal; please click the big Paypal button at the top of the browser window to do so. If you wish to donate via check or money order, that is ok too, but e-mail me first about it to make arrangements. Thanks for reading, and thanks again to those who have donated in the past!

• Happy Holidays and Here Comes the Millennium Fair!
12.25.2003 Update by Merlin

Hey everyone, the staff at RPGC wants to first of all wish all y'all a happy holidays. Secondly, starting tomorrow and up through the beginning of next year, we're kicking off our annual "Millennium Fair" event we try to hold every winter. During this time expect to see a bunch of site updates and changes happening on a daily basis, and who knows what other surprises may be in store? That's it, our Fair bonanza starts tomorrow, and happy holidays and such as well :P

• Quotes Archive update!
12.26.2003 Update by Merlin

To help kick off this year's Millennium Fair, I've prepared a long overdue update of our Quotes Archive! I've added an FFX quote from Cps2 Shock; Another Persona quote from Igatona; some Star Ocean 2 quotes from Psi; Mako Eyes donated one from FFVII; Ex_Po submitted one from FFVII as well; Rirse sent in a Pokemon quote; Weiila sent in a slew from Wild Arms III (I sent in one of my own >.>); Ultial submitted the poignant opening lines of Chrono Cross; Ebony Dragon sent in a Shining Force 2 quote; .hacked sent in some quotes for .hack//Mutation; Omega Nineball submitted a Disgaea quote; Alexander submitted a variety of quotes from SO2, FFX, FFVIII, FFIX, and Final Fantasy Tactics; I removed a weirdly-worded quote from FFVII after Joel's advice; and LittleGem284 sent in a FFVII quote too. Phew!

Anyway, in addition to that I moved all our Wild Arms and Persona quotes to their own pages, they were beginning to hog up the Other Games page. More may get their own pages as I have time. I also reorganized the table of contents and liek, toly HIPIFIED the section's overall coding, but you won't likely notice that :P Let the Fair continue!

• RPGCarols, the Third Verse
12.27.2003 Update by Megaman984

My contribution to the Fair the past two years has always included a set of RPGCarols, songs about RPGClassics and its RPGCommunity to the tune of Christmas Carols. Well, this year is no different. Unfortunately, the old creative eggnog wasn't flowing, so I only have four. They're still good though. Enjoy.

• Millenium Fair Polls
12.28.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Yeah, they're just normal polls, but I'm calling them Millennium Fair Polls because they're updated during the Millennium Fair and it makes them sound more important. So let's take a look at the new polls and go vote.

• Millenial Millenium Midis!
12.29.2003 Update by Skankin' Garbage

Howdy! :D Short update. First PKT has submitted many more magnificent midis, amongst them are FF5's victory fanfare and a piano version of "Nostalgia", FF9's Cleyra Settlement, the town theme from Sword of Mana, Chrono Trigger's Guardia Forest theme, and, last but not least...a midi of the Millenial Fair theme! Boy, I should have thought of that two years ago when I joined :P Well, anyways, you can find these all in their respective sections (The piano version of Nostalgia is of course in the Special Arrangements section).

And also, an indiviual that goes by "Kon" e-mailed me asking if I could link to a Tales of Phantasia MP3 that he/she made. So, here it is: The Oasis theme!. Or, I believe it's the Oasis theme, based on the name of it :P I've never played ToP though, so you tell me :P Anyways, happy christmas to all of y'all :D Enjoy the rest of the MF :D

• Front Mission Impossible
12.29.2003 Update by Kero Hazel

My deepest apologies to everyone, as this update should have happened two days ago. I won't bore you with excuses, this was just my bad. Anyway, this is the soundtrack reviews section's biggest update yet. Five Front Mission soundtrack reviews, two reviews of albums by Riow Arai, the musician behind Front Mission Alternative, and an interview with Arai himself! Your reviews, should you choose to accept them.

• On the fifth day of the Millenial Fair, TD gave to me...
12.29.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

A shiny new fanfic update! There's not a lot in there, but that's the fault of all those terribly lazy authors. Blame them, not me.

• Star Ocean!
12.31.2003 Update by Cidolfas

It's been a while, but DeJap Translations has come out with a full, professional version of the Star Ocean patch. Dark Force has done a truly wonderful job on this project and I highly recommend the new patch to all fans of the game. The Star Ocean Shrine has been updated with all the new names and terms, and a Patch Differences page has been added to it as a guide to the perplexed.

Also, you may want to check out what happens when you continue playing after finishing the game... don't be surprised to see a familiar face or two. 8-)