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Archives: July 2003

• Sorry for my laziness...
07.01.2003 Update by d Galloway

After the second Great Deletion, I forgot to re-upload the Quest for Glory II shrine. It's back in its proper place now. Again, I'm so sorry.

• Old Hideout Gets New Look
07.02.2003 Update by Orakio

That's right all you Hideout fans out there. The Orakian Hideout has a new look now. I've included a side TOC so that things are more organized and easier to navigate. I do this all for my fans (and I hope you fans realize how many pages I had to recode :P). Anyways, enjoy the new look. Another Get Wise episode will probably come by the end of the month... maybe. ^_^

• Database Changes
07.03.2003 Update by Merlin

As part of a much more ambitious relaunching of our Database administration, we've moved the DB to its own subdomain. Thus I give you the "city"/subdomain of Alexandria. Nothing else is really any different than some link changes and some updating of the DB-specific .shtml pages, but expect bigger things to be announced about the DB later today (or within the next few minutes).

• RPGC is "hiring" Database workers, maybe you!!
07.03.2003 Update by Merlin

Did you always want to work for RPGClassics, but couldn't make a shrine for us for whatever reason? Well, now you have another chance to do work for us and even join our staff! We're looking for people to help us update and maintain our massive RPG-information database, Alexandria. Anyway, I've written a whole spiel elsewhere (go here to read it), but I just wanted to announce it here for all of your benefits. Anyways, if you're interested, read the thread I just linked to, and e-mail to apply! Good luck, applications close in two weeks unless I need more applicants, and I hope to be accepting you soon.

• New Polls
07.06.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Kingdom Hearts week. By now everyone should have at least glanced at it, if not played it :P Go vote.

• Fanfics updated
07.10.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

Read the title, you cretin.

• Lagoon Shrine
07.10.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

The SNES RPG Lagoon (not Bahamut Lagoon) is complete. Have fun viewing the shrine!

• Nevermore!
07.13.2003 Update by Kero Hazel

By my count, it's been exactly 860 years since our last soundtrack review. Normally we make up for our infrequent updates by reviewing many soundtracks at once. Sorry to say, that's not the case this time. But I hope you'll enjoy it all the same. It's the Secret of Evermore OST. Don't expect too many updates in the coming months (both Dragon God and I will be very busy). Hopefully I'll finish up my shrine soon and people will stop bugging me about becoming a "real" staffer, whatever that is. Then I'll be able to devote more of my time to the reviews section.

• Pollses
07.13.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

The polls have been updated, with this week's theme as the Lufia series! Vote wisely (or something).

• Another shrine completed
07.15.2003 Update by Dalton Of Zeal

I know I've been taking my sweet time with all of the shrines I'm working on, but I've managed to complete a third. The Ninja Boy 2 shrine is up, and it's quite good, if I say so myself. Please go and give it a look-see; it's a nice little game.

• Database application period over
07.19.2003 Update by Merlin

This is just to announce that our application period for people interested in working on our Game Database is now closed. Hopefully those who applied will hear by Wednesday or so about whether or not they are in. Good luck to those who applied.

• Server Problems
07.20.2003 Update by Merlin

Hey everyone, we apologize but sometime late last night or early this morning RPGC got attacked hy hackers or hit by a worm for the third month in a row. Anyway, the site is back up and you shouldn't notice any missing info long-term. However, if over the next 24 hours you get broken links here or there, assume that it's just because our file information is being uploaded and that what you're looking for should be up soon. Also, if you've e-mailed any of our web addresses within the last 24 hours it's recommended you send your message again. Thanks guys for bearing with us and now that we've isolated the problem more specifically we hope a solution is going to be more readily available.

• Death Returns...
07.21.2003 Update by The Black Ninja

Well, my absence from RPGC is over and I am active again, so to speak. Expect alot less problems around the site once I get a chance to sit down and go through everything... damn work backs up from an 8 month vacation :P Also for any who are interested, I'll also be posting pics and possibly the video from my wedding soon once I can scan them all in :P

• Chat issues again
07.21.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

As if the server issues weren't enough, there has been a rather large netsplit in the chatroom. Since it has been like this for half of the day already, I thought I'd inform you all to connect through the forwarding server port 6667. Right now, services are still down (well, they're not. The databses are just really old, so it's pretty much the same thing) so don't get scared if your nicks aren't registred or something. It'll all get fixed soon... I hope.

*sells his stock*

EDIT: Of course, 20 minutes after I make this update everything gets back to normal. Bwargh. Everything is fine now, move along people, nothing to see here.

• RoTD Subsite
07.21.2003 Update by The Black Ninja

Due to as of yet unknown issues and lack of material, Realm of the Dragons will be down until Sunday July 27, 2003. Sorry for any inconviences.

Also, if anyone has any issues around the site, PLEASE Email me and let me know so I can fix them. kthxbye. ^^

• The Database Applications Have Been Reviewed!
07.22.2003 Update by Merlin

Well, it was a long and slightly arduous process, but I have sifted through the 70 something Alexandria applications and the other DB-related staff and I have settled upon our 16 "warriors," for the Database. Congrats to those accepted, and to those who were not, we are going to hold on to your applications in the event that a spot opens on the Squadron for new recruits :P All who applied should also have received an e-mail about this I sent to you all. Further information for the curious concerning Alexandria can be found here.Anyway, without further ado, here's the new Database workers in no particular order, current staffers are denoted by an asterisk:

Red Team
NineInchNails*, Dark Sand, Xachariah, Urkani
Gold Team
Ackbar*, VickiMints, Charlemagne, Rudora
Blue Team
Esedess, Mabatsekker, Nulani, Peter Krupers
Green Team
KyuuKen, Green Mage, Xelopheris, X_countryguy

• E-mail glitch
07.23.2003 Update by Cidolfas

Quick note for those of you who are making shrines. Due to a server glitch, my rpgclassics e-mail account was down for a day or two and any e-mails you sent me were bounced back. The glitch should be fixed now, so please make sure to send me your replies to the shrine status checks! Sorry for the inconvenience.

• We're Back!
07.25.2003 Update by Merlin

Greetings everyone, our server security overhaul is nearly complete. As of right now, the only things that are working are stuff on the main domain. So you'll be able to access shrines and other things but until either tonight (or more likely Monday) things such as our game database (Alexandria) or subsites on their own subdomain (like Macc's HQ or the FFCompendium) will be offline and won't be back until sometime later tonight at the earliest or Monday at the latest. If you come across a broken link, e-mail me about what you were looking for and I'll see what I can dig up. Our forums will be up later tonight as well. Anyways, thanks for your patience and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon!

• It's great to be back!
07.26.2003 Update by Merlin

Anyways, our large-scale security overhaul is completely finished. All site sections should be fully restored, all features available, all subdomains and web pages are up, everything should be back to relative normalcy. In addition to that, I have just finished business with, a server security company. We hired them to come into our server and boost our security considerably, so much so that I am pretty confident that these frequent site-meltdowns we've seemed to be having regularly for the last few months are a thing of the past. Thanks to RackAid for the new security, Rast for paying for most of it, Black Ninja for his convenient resurfacing just in time to help push this final overhaul in the proper directions, and thanks to you all for being patient with us; and I hope from here we will reward you by continuing to strive towards our goal of being the best source of RPG information on the Internet.

• Mailbag
07.26.2003 Update by Kagon

The mailbag's actually been done since about two days after it was due. Due to site and server problems, personal problems, and nature deciding to smash Memphis with a gigantic storm, I've been very delayed in getting it up. Sorry about all that. Anyways, the next topic is: for a MMORPG, how would you design a fair player vs player system? Send 'em to the usual place.

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