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Archives: July 2003

• Hopefully The Last Bit Of Update About The Server
07.27.2003 Update by Cidolfas

OK, yeah, so... due to the OTHER server problems, I just got fed up and re-sent a bunch of status checks I hadn't gotten replies to yet. If you get a second one, please reply to it, because it means I haven't gotten your first reply (if you sent it). Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

• No Cookies For Our Server Host
07.27.2003 Update by Merlin

I apologize, but for a few hours today (from around 11:30 AM - around 3ish PM) the site was down. _No_, this was not due to a security or hacker issue like the others. Our web host simply had some sort of issue unplugging a second hard drive on our server, which caused the whole site to crash for that period of time >_< We're back up now, but Black Ninja's upcoming web maintenance may still apply, so if the site goes offline for another 30-60 minutes again later today don't panic :P

• Scheduled Server Maintainence
07.27.2003 Update by The Black Ninja

Just so everyone is aware, all Domains and Sub-Domains on the server will be shut down tonight so that we can execute our end of the month backups. From now on, expect them to occur on the last sunday of every month starting at 10pm CST.
I'm not sure how long it will take since we are using new software, so your patience is appreciated during this period. I know it's alot of downtime lately, but in order to bring you the best RPG Site possible, some things just have to be done.
Thanks again for your patience. -BN

• Finally Done...
07.28.2003 Update by The Black Ninja

Hello again all. Sorry the final backup process took so long. We encountered a few minor problems, but in the end came out victorious. yay me. Expect future backups to take about 1.5 hours or so. Enjoy!


• Bio Update
07.28.2003 Update by Crotanks

Decided to update my staff bio after letting it sit for a year. Clicka.

• /sound dohs.wav
07.29.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

Gahaaghgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghagh. Damnit. Last fanfic update got lost in the pretty little dance the server did. Stupid thing. Could anyone who got his stuff posted in the last update please resend the fanfics to either Weiila, Maz or me? Thanks.

• Message for Database Workers
07.30.2003 Update by Merlin

Go check your e-mail please, you're about to be imminently plugged in :P Since I'm already making an update, expect as well to see a large-scale staff page update soon, I have a lot of stuff that needs updating.

• Finally, another one of them Fan Music updater thingies!
07.31.2003 Update by Skankin Garbage('s workload for the summer.)

Hey there, kids! Well, it's been a while, but since the status of the Fan Music section was inquired of by a few staffers, particularly one PKT_Paladin, I decided to enlist help (PKT_Paladin :P) and have the Fan Music page cleaned up HTML-wise, and have another update. So be sure to e-mail him and say thanks. :D

As for the midis, There are a lot of them. PKT himself, being the winner for most midis this time around, has contributed the Mountain theme from FF4, the town theme from FF5, the overworld and file selection themes from Lufia 2, Fire Eyes's theme from Secret of Evermore, and an updated version of the Silver Millenium theme from Sailor Moon: Another Story. Phew. Now for his non SNES midis :P He also contributed FF2's Final Battle theme, and last but not least, piano versions of FF1's airship and overworld themes, which can be viewed in the special arrangments section.

Now for everyone else's midis. :P I have contributed the battle theme from Quest 64 (Thus opening up the N64 section! :D), The Fortress of Doom theme from Lufia 1, and an original and arranged version of Final Fantasy Legend 2's Boss Battle Theme. My pal, Chadeous, has sent in a midi of FF8's "Breezy" (It's the town music for Balamb). And Finally, Miss SilverKnight has sent in Delita's theme from Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as updated piano arrangements of Goldark's and The Apostle's Theme (Dragon Force). You can catch those in the Special arrangements section.

Well, that was a damn hefty update. Have fun with them midis, and expect another decent-sized update within a few days. :D