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Archives: June 2003

• Finally
06.01.2003 Update by Merlin

It's been well aware by the staff for some time now that many of our older shrines are not up-to-snuff with our normal standards of quality. While this is mostly due to either that these shrines were accepted before we started examining their quality better or that they were accepted under the old webmaster ShaheenJim (who didn't care much about shrine-quality), it doesn't matter too much now because we're going to be fixing them. After a very-long review process has been conducted (complicated by the worm that hit us in late-April), we've finally moved to the next stage by informing the maintainers of the changes they need to make. Expect to see over the next few months some things being done in terms of shrine updates or even staff changes (where needed) to help this goal.

• Poll Time
06.01.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Hooray. Anyway, since International Ragnarok Online (iRO)'s open beta testing phase ended, this week's polls might as well be on it. If you've played, do you think the iRO staff changed anything since last time and what was the most annoying thing you had to deal with while playing iRO (I'm not saying that there weren't any good aspects :P)? Just click on the right.

• Not a month late either!
06.04.2003 Update by Weiila

Well lookie here, if it isn't a new fanfic update! And we'll finish off an oldie plus a less oldie one, as well as add new stuff to old fics and throw in a couple of completely new ones too. Then bake it in 200 C for thirty minutes and you got yourself fic fries. Fine as they are or with ketchup.

• Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits preview
06.04.2003 Update by Epicgamer

We here at RPGClassics were lucky enough to recieve a demo disk from Sony to the newest addition to the Arc The Lad series for the Playstation 2, Twilight of the Spirits. Somehow I snuck my way in and managed to get it sent to me. Now after a bit of time that would have been better spent actually writing my history essay the preview, I actually sat down and wrote it. Check it out here. Enjoy.

Exam week really sucks...

• New Shrine and Staffer!
06.07.2003 Update by Merlin

Finally, a fresh face to see around here. Please welcome SquallStrife to RPGClassics, as he joins the staff with a brand-new Robotrek shrine!

• Go check out my Staff Bio
06.07.2003 Update by SquallStrife

Since I'm now a staff of RPGC, I thought Id'e do a staff bio so go check it out and if It's possible tell me what you think.

• I'm so fast, I'm fast asleep!
06.08.2003 Update by Orakio

What is it? A little over a week since the last episode and already I made a new one? That's right, Get Wise 13 is now available (due to popular demand of course). You know where to go. Enjoy people. ^_^

• More Polls
06.08.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

This week's polls are about Golden Sun! Which game do you prefer, and do you think Golden Sun will survive in the long run? Enjoy.

• Dragon Warrior II
06.09.2003 Update by Sinistral

I'm now a maintainer of the DW2 shrine. Yay me! I couldn't stand leaving the current walkthrough there, so I wrote one myself. It'll be updated with extra details about Hargon and proofreading RPT is going to send me in the next day or so. It's essentially all there though. Saturn and I are also toying around with the code and organization to make the shrine look good.
Update by Mr. Saturn
Since I'm also maintainer of the DW2 shrine, I thought I'd just butt my way into this update... Anyway, after the walkthough is done, and some minor coding problems are fixed, the shrine should be, for all intents and purposes, completely complete. Then you can resume enjoying it, or referencing it, or whatever you tend to do with those sorts of things.

• Finally, a shrine on a game you can LEGALLY download!
06.10.2003 Update by Hiryuu

Ever heard of the game Warrior Dragon? No? Don't feel bad, most people haven't. It was a freeware Windows game made by Lumental a few years ago, and is a bit of a Dragon Warrior parody (hence the name). Anyway, if you need an old-school RPG to play, go download Warrior Dragon here, and remember that the shrine is found here if you need it.

• A New Parody TV Show
06.11.2003 Update by Rirse

It been a few months, but I finally made a new comic at TRT. No, this is not Life at TRT or Tower of DeBlood, but it is one of the Parody TV shows, or should I say new show, "Armorer's Court" : Suing Air. It a funny show that has Airman being sued by Doctor Beruga from Terraigma. Beware, there is spoilers for Terraigma, so watch out for them before clicking on the button on the side under subsite saying "Twisted RPG Theatre". Seeya later.

• Glad that's over
06.26.2003 Update by Merlin

We must apologize to our users, but about 2-3 days ago our server was either hacked or got hit by another worm virus, so our host then pulled us off their network since we were then a security risk to their own stuff. Anyway, after a hard drive restore and a bunch of setting-changing and FTP-uploading, Cid, Zero and I got the site back online. We're a lot luckier this time since our backups were only a week or two old, so not much of huge importance was lost. There's probably just a few sections, like some subsites, the staff section, and Tartarus (our developing-shrine hub) that aren't yet uploaded, but they will be soon. Thank you for sticking with us for the last couple of days, and needless to say I'm pursuing a few options to see if we can beef up our security.

• New Shrine!
06.28.2003 Update by Merlin

Even though Orakio had quit RPGC a few months ago, he's still doing some last work for us, namely, completing the last few shrines he wants to do to bring his total to 25. Anyway, the first of these is Castle of the Winds 2! He is also turning it over to d Galloway to maintain. Thanks Orak and keep on truckin'.