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Archives: May 2003

• Victoly!
05.02.2003 Update by Weiila

Three cheers for the heroes of RPGC who has banished the vorm monster after a long and harsh quest. Okay, so there are still a few things to be done, but Merlin and his fellow warriors deserve the cheering.
Due to their victory there's a new slew of fanfics for everyone to enjoy. Aren't you lucky? ;)

• Update
05.03.2003 Update by Merlin

I'm not sure if BN did anything or not, but the site seems to be responding much like it used to do. I hope therefore that our server issues are finally over. Thanks for your patience and enjoy your Saturdays.

• Yeah, I know it's kinda late...
05.04.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

...but that doesn't matter since I'm only repeating information already given. HAW! Anyway, this is for the operators of the #rpgclassics chatroom. Everybody else is excused. Except you, over there, with the funny hair. Stand in the corner and wear this dunce hat. I don't like you.

All ops: We have a scheduled meeting in #rpgcops in about 40 minutes, 6:30 PM EST. There will be punch. There will be pie. There will be naked strippers in the pie. So make sure you're there, or you're gonna miss out on the biggest partay RPGC has ever seen.

Except the kid with the funny hair. I don't like him.

In a related story, I deleted Kagon's update about the same thing because having two updates is stupid, and I put sooooooo much more effort into mine :P

• Polls are Back, Take 2
05.05.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

The polls for this week do not focus on any RPG, but for the systems and game storage themselves. Tell us what you think about the new ideas being developed in gaming!

• Staffer Retiring
05.06.2003 Update by Merlin

Citing health, time, and other considerations Orakio has decided to retire from the staff and RPGC. He still has plans on completing four-five shrines before the final curtain call, but he is turning those and his existing laundry list of shrines over to the site, to be divided amongst the staff based on need and his own qualifications. The Orakian Hideout, his subsite, will continue to be maintained by him and will continue to be hosted by us. The staff wishes Orakio all the best and good luck in his future endeavors.

• The chat, once again...
05.07.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

Lo, it's time again for the chat to act silly. As you all know by now, has been down for quite some time, and we've had to connect through Now, however, the gods of IRC decided to smile on us and got back up. However, they sacrificed for it. So you all get to change your connect info AGAIN. JOY.

• The Polls Go Marching By
05.11.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

This week's polls, again, focus on consoles. Tell us what you think of when you buy a console, and also how long Playstation (the brand name, not the PSX itself) will continue to be developed by Sony. Just one click to your right!

• Mario Story
05.12.2003 Update by Hiryuu

The Paper Mario shrine has been complete for several months, but no announcement was made. Anyway, here you go.

• ¿Quieres charlar conmigo?
05.13.2003 Update by Skankin' Garbage

Aight, so some of you probly noticed that the chat doesn't work right now. Well, one of our community members set us up a temporary chat server out of the goodness of her heart.

Port: 6668

And I'm not sure if it's possible to make our java chat connect to that server, so now's a better time than ever to download Mirc( ). We'll alert y'all when the normal chat server is back on track, or whatever. :P

UPDATE: Ok is back up. Anyways, sorry for the inconvenience, kids. :D Have a nice day.

• One update for you!
05.15.2003 Update by Weiila

Yes, fanfic update. Go read.

Nothing more to see here, not today. Sorry.

• Merry May 17th
05.17.2003 Update by Mr. Saturn

From all of us at RPGClassics, to all of you at home, we wish you the merriest of Merry May 17ths. May you enjoy it with the ones you love, and please, enjoy it responsibly.

• Merry May 17th indeed
05.17.2003 Update by Dragon God

Yep, today marks my third year at RPGC 8D Expect lots of reviews in the summer, folks 8D That is all. 8P

• Staffer Retiring
05.18.2003 Update by Merlin

I regret to announce that the staffer Stonerocker has to retire from RPGC, citing time issues. We all wish him the best in what he has to do. His shrine, StarTropics II, will be maintained by Cless Alvein in the meanwhile. In other news, I've updated the staff index page to reflect current active/inactive status of the staff.

• Polls
05.19.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Polls are here again! The theme for this week is the Xenoseries. And no, we will not be making fun of Xenosaga's FMV/cutscene lengths in the polls. :P Go vote!

• Chat Page(s) Update
05.20.2003 Update by Merlin

Just for anyone who cares to know, I updated all the chat pages to reflect some tweaks in the code and language, and also to update the chat help page somewhat to reflect some things (and to replace Zepp's XP screens with my junky 98SE ones! :P). I also am working on a chat room FAQ, to be posted on the forums.

• Radical!
05.21.2003 Update by Cidolfas

Since Radical Dreamers, the prequel to Chrono Cross, has recently been translated into English, I thought it fitting to give it a bit more airtime at the Chrono Cross Shrine. To whit, you'll now find an FAQ and expanded SPC zip file. Have fun!

• Death greets me warm, now I will just say good bye...
05.24.2003 Update by The Comet Crashes and Burns

Hey everyone in RPGClassics land, long time no see.

I hope everyone is doing good. I'd like to take this time to offer an apology to any and everyone that I have ever offended or pissed off in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I'm truely and deeply sorry if I ever have.

With that said and out of the way, I'd like to also say this will be my last update ever, as of now I'm putting in for my retirement from the site. I've lost all interest I've ever had in video games and with them the little interest that I had left in RPGClassics.

In the end what really is a video game except a digital escape from reality to a world of fantasy and fiction? When the game is over you have to come back to reality, however cruel it maybe. Why stay inside in seclusion from the outside world? Because you don't fit in? Because you think everyone "out there" are inferior beings and the only way to feel truely alive is through a game, and are only capable of reaching out to others like you around the world?

Although in the end, I can't say that I'm going to miss RPGClassics in any way, but I will be able to say that I've been able to learn more about myself from my experiences here. And hopefully I can grow as a person, maybe even become a better person, because of the things I've learned.

This all probably looks like just the random babblings of a madman to most of you reading it, hell, it even looks that way to me, but I just try to express in words what I'm feeling. Thank you RPGClassics for giving me one year in my life I can truely say I learned something. I've nothing but respect for the people here because they are doing nothing more but doing what they love and sharing it with other people, if only I had realized that sooner maybe I wouldn't have been such an asshole. Always follow your heart and do what you love to do despite whatever anyone who don't understand why you do it say. Good bye once and for all, friends.
P.S. This is not a suicide note or anything like that, more of a written commitment to myself to change.

• Shrine Maintainer Changes
05.24.2003 Update by Merlin

Since our Shrine Database had been lagging behind some recent staff retirements in terms of who would be the new maintainer of the shrines, I just recently ran through all our shrines and changed all the old maintainers to the new ones. I also fixed a few niggling DB errors you may have been experiencing due to staff names not being configured properly in the SQL and PHP. Here is the list of all the shrines that now have new maintainers:

Beyond Oasis -- Dragon God
Castle of the Winds 1 -- d Galloway
Final Fantasy 2 Shrine -- Kagon
Landstalker -- Crotanks
Legacy of the Wizard -- Mr. Saturn
Legend of Zelda 2 -- Rirse
Legend of of Zelda 3 -- Ezboarder, Skankin' Garbage
Legend of Zelda 5 -- Tenchimaru Draconis
Legend of Zelda 7 -- Epicgamer
Lunar: The Silver Star -- Mr. Saturn (temporary)
Phantasy Star 1 -- Teran
Phantasy Star 2 -- Sephiroth Katana
Phantasy Star 3 -- RoguePaladinTrian
Phantasy Star 4 -- Sephiroth Katana
Shining Force 2 -- Ezboarder
Shining Force CD -- Ezboarder
Shining in the Darkness -- RoguePaladinTrian
Star Tropics II -- Cless Alvein
Sword of Vermilion -- Crotanks
Warsong -- Crotanks
Wild Arms II -- Dalton of Zeal
Vay -- Crotanks

• Legend of Shrine : Adventure of Rirse
05.24.2003 Update by Rirse

Well you heard the news from Merlin's previous post about me taking over the Legend of Zelda 2 : Adventure of Link shrine. As mention in the update in the shrine, the page has been changed a lot from Orakio old work, including a few new pages (Link Doll and Character Page), along with improved verison of the older pages. Expect a new walkthrough later this summer. Seeya later.

• Poll Update
05.25.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Poll time. Earthbound week. 'Nuff said.

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