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Archives: May 2003

• Mona's Back!
05.26.2003 Update by Faetan

The fanart section is up and running again, j0! I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. June's theme is VILLAINS if you need a theme to help you draw! If not, just send in whatever you like. Have fun!

• The Hideout Lives! It lives! Hahaahahahaha!
05.30.2003 Update by Orakio

Well, it has been a while since I made an update. I missed my Orakian Day update because of health problems, but here I am... 30 days late. Get Wise 12 is now out, and the Hideout is at it's new home at

Also a note that my e-mail address has changed. I will still be known as Orakio, but my e-mail address is now

Anyways, enjoy. ^_^

• More Shrine Redistricting
05.31.2003 Update by Merlin

Ok, just a couple of notices. Since Red Comet is retiring, his two Gundam-related shrines will be maintained by Crotanks in the future. As well, since we haven't heard from the retired staffer Shadow of Death in a long time, we are assuming that he's not even going to be answering emails related to his two shrines, so we are reassigning them. Kagon is going to be taking over Secret of Evermore, and Rirse will be maintaining the Suikoden I shrine in the future.

• Mailbag Troubles
05.31.2003 Update by Megaman984

Sorry the Mailbag is taking so long. There has been stuff going on in each of the Team Members' lives to get it done. However, it has come to my attention that the Mailbag e-mail account has lost all of its messages, so if you have sent in a Mailbag reply, we lost it. Please send again. If we get enough of them back, we'll do our best to get the Mailbag done by next weekend.