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Archives: October 2003

• Shameless pimping!
10.01.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

My good, good friend Top50 kindly asked me if I wanted to plug the translation of Men at Work! 2 here, seeing as how he finally updated it after 7 months of inactivity. Of course, since it's such an absolutely awesome translation by such an absolutely awesome group of people, I was happy to comply.

Now if anyone needs me, I'll be in Hawaii for the next few weeks or so.

• Even more shameless pimping 8D
10.04.2003 Update by Dragon God

Howdy all !! Here's to say I've gotten new CDs(not VGM....... *passes out*) added to my collection which can be viewed here as usual. The artist in question is Riow Arai, a now internationally known mainstream dance musician(Need I specify he's japanese ? :P). Give his samples a shot, people. You might enjoy some of his stuff.

• New Polls. Go Vote.
10.05.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Topics concern the RPGClassics Mailbag and item carry/storage types. 'Nuff said.

• Mailbag... On Time!
10.12.2003 Update by Megaman984

Howdy howdy howdy. The Mailbag is up, and on time too! Gasp! Next Mailbag's topic comes from Walhalla! Good on yer! Now, we want plenty of replies, so send them in.

• Charter updated
10.12.2003 Update by Merlin

After a few largely cosmetic and structural updates, we've ratified and put into effect the third edition of our site charter. Go czech it out if you desire.

• Fanfic update nr... whatever
10.19.2003 Update by Weiila

Fanfics are upon us again. Is 30 of them enough for you?

• Pollz heer
10.20.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Go vote, if you've played any of the Wild Arms or Legias!

• Boo, did I scare you
10.21.2003 Update by Rirse

Good evening folks, this is Rirse finishing up another Twisted RPG Theatre episode. This episode is called Twisted Halloween, and it has a lot of members from RPGC guest staring. By the way, I changed the layout around. Gone is the Halloween theme, now replaced by a new hip layout. I also added two new sections, History Muk and Site Tour. Enjoy and have a scary Halloween. Mwhuauhahuhua.

• New shrine and staffer
10.26.2003 Update by Merlin

I am glad to announce that RPGC has just added its latest shrine, and a new staffer to boot! Xachariah, who also works on our RPGC Game Database, is fully joining the staff with his shrine on Planescape: Torment! Welcome aboard, Xachariah.

• The Weekly Polls
10.26.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

On time this time too :P Anyway, subject is weapons upgrade systems in RPGs and the RPGClassics chatroom. Go vote. Also, the Chrono Trigger Novel Project's valiant effort for a Chrono Trigger novel can be found at Check it out if you're interested in Chrono Trigger.

• There goes the neighbourhood
10.26.2003 Update by Xachariah

Thanks for the welcoming Merlin, it's good to be here. Anyway, I have completed my bio. It's nothing special, but you can check it out here. Later.

• Happy Mailbagoween!
10.31.2003 Update by Megaman984

Happy Halloween everyone. The Mailbag was technically due last Sunday, but we decided to hold it over for today. Anyway, new topic is up, and that Mailbag is due two weeks from this coming Sunday. Write in everybody. It's yet again a topic from Walhalla.