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Archives: September 2003

• New shrine and (sort of) new staffer!
09.01.2003 Update by Merlin

I am very pleased to announce that Green Mage, a guy already working on our massive RPG Database, has completed his shrine on System Shock 2 for the PC. We're glad to now have him join our full staff, and I'm sure he'll keep up his Alexandria work to boot.

• At last, a new Life at TRT
09.03.2003 Update by Rirse

Finally finished work on the next TRT episode, Battlefield : Detroit (found under Corny Story/Life at TRT). Enjoy it, as the next episode will be a while from now. But do expect some more Parody TV and shrines to be completed by then. Seeya later. - And the music for the mainpage got changed again, so don't whine to me. :D

• SoBig Virus Update
09.06.2003 Update by Merlin

This is an update about this SoBig virus that is causing so much havoc across the Internet and thus closing down much of our e-mail due to people spreading it everywhere. Most staff e-mail addresses should still be considered down for now, since I doubt they have their e-mail clients refreshing constantly to keep their boxes from filling. If you need to send one of us an e-mail, either send it to, or for distribution; I have been running my computer 24/7 during this issue so as to lose as little sent mail as possible. Also, the SoBig virus is due to stop infecting new machines as of September 10th, so hopefully around then our issues will be mostly over. If not, then I or Black Ninja will be taking more drastic measures to remedy this stupid thing.

In the meanwhile, I urge all of you to run McAfee's Stinger program, a stand-alone free removal tool they offer for people to check if they have the SoBig (and other) viruses on their machines. It's quick to download and use, will do the job, and is free. This will also help people around the world stop being hassled by this dumb thing if in fact you are unknowingly infected. The Stinger removal tool can be found here.

• Last Week's Polls
09.07.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Last week's second poll voting options were messed up. The vote counter has been reset and will remain up for one more week, so please vote again on that one.

• The Floating Island revives.... sorta.
09.13.2003 Update by Dragon God

After months of no updates, I've finally made a few changes I wanted to do. Two new soundtracks have been added, and a few sections got updates in content. To view it all, go here.

• No more SoBig virus
09.17.2003 Update by Merlin

Just so you know, it looks like the SoBig virus is dead now, so RPGC e-mail use should resume as normal once again. If you are receiving error messages in your e-mails about a mailbox being full, please e-mail with the address of who you were trying to e-mail. Thanks!

• Join Page Policy Change
09.21.2003 Update by Cidolfas

After several weeks of heated argument, the staff has decided to change the requirements to make a shrine. In particular, learning HTML is no longer required. We've found a free HTML editor that outputs fairly clean code (Mozilla Composer), and we've decided to allow it to be used, PROVIDED you listen to the rules and tips for its use now outlaid in the join page FAQs. FrontPage, Dreamweaver and the like are still unacceptable to make shrines in, however. Hopefully this should make the shrine-building process a good deal less headache-y! 8-)

• Might and Magic 2 Shrine updated
09.22.2003 Update by Shalcar

I would just like to point out that all the broken links in the maps section of the Might and Magic 2 shrine have been fixed.

• Finally, the Polls!
09.22.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Sorry for not updating in a while, but the polls are once again updated. A big thanks to Dalton of Zeal, who sent in thirty poll suggestions! Whew!

• New books for the library
09.22.2003 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

Fanfic Archive updated. Brain dead. Sleep x_X

Edit by Weiila: I added the Movie Saga and How Love is Lost by d_Galloway and a bit more of Origin of the Valkyrie by Valkyrie Esker. My bad :P

• Sorry for the site downtime today
09.25.2003 Update by Merlin

We apologize to those who were trying to use our site for a few hours this afternoon/evening, for it was down. It was just a server hiccup, everything should be running fine now, and the site would've been back sooner except that I paranoidly wanted to make sure everything was backed up before asking our server host to investigate. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the rest of your week!

• Ooops, we did it again
09.28.2003 Update by Kero Hazel

We knew about this problem weeks ago, but it wasn't fixed until I could finally get some net access on my home comp. The Secret of Evermore OST review is back up, after being lost on the server awhile back.

• What's This? What's This?
09.28.2003 Update by Megaman984

That's right. The Mailbag's up, finally. Sorry about being so late. At first, there were some internet problems concerning Kagon and me. Then there were problems getting together to do it. But it got done!

• New Polls!
09.29.2003 Update by Cless Alvein

Ever played Final Fantasy X Internation? What did you think of it? Better or worse than the version most North Americans have? And do you ever take the time in games to get every single secret and make your characters as good as possible? Click the voting buttons to the right.