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Archives: August 2004

• No tourney for you!
08.02.2004 Update by StarStorm

Sadly, I got like, four Deathmatch apps, and no Capture the Flag team apps, so the Quake 2 Tournament of Champions is dead out of the starting gate. Maybe next time folks.

Feel free to ask for a game in the chat though.

• Some people have more time on their hands than others.
08.03.2004 Update by Walhalla

Yo. I got 11 awesome submissions from Dark Paladin, all located here. :D The medium used is quite original, so you definitely have to look at them. Hours of fun guaranteed. And I would never lie. :P

Also, I'd like to warmly thank Cidolfas for PHP-izing the Fanart section. :D I would've updated earlier if I hadn't had to wait for everything to work properly. :P If you see some things that look wrong, it's probably because I did a bad job at testing Cid's coding, so let me know.

And finally, I noticed that many people forget to attach their pictures when they send me e-mails. For example, if your name is Blackmage1834, you forgot. :P Send me your submission again, please. Also, if I don't reply to thank you for your submission, it means that your e-mail fell into my junk folder and I deleted it by mistake. ^^; It can happen, so send it again. :P Thanks!

• Miracle Warriors Shrine Complete
08.16.2004 Update by Loom

The Miracle Warriors Shrine for the Sega Master System is now complete. If you are an old school gamer like myself, you'll enjoy this game quite a bit. If not... you should try it anyway! Visit the shrine here.

• Regular Fanart Update.
08.20.2004 Update by Walhalla

Hey, me again. (I dare the next update to have a worst title than mine. :P) Looks like sculpturing RPG characters is all cool and trendy now. Check out CA Bryers' amazing Final Fantasy sculpts, along with some cute Fire Emblem and Legend of Zelda fanart from visitors Champisachamp and Sylvia. As a pertinent note to some of you, if you send art or e-mails in the next weeks, or rather, until September 4th, don't expect a fast reply as I always do due to me being on a hot beach somewhere and without internet access, while you'll probably be at school. Bhahaha! :P Thanks for your submissions and I want my inbox to be full when I'll come back. Fat chance. :P

• new shrine and staffer
08.21.2004 Update by Merlin

I'm glad to see that Pierson has completed the very popular Megaman Battle Network 3 shrine. You can now access it here. Of course, Pierson is the latest addition to our staff.

• FINALLY! More fics!
08.23.2004 Update by StarStorm

Alright boys and girls, the fanfic section is updated. Not COMPLETELY, but you can, of course, access all the fics from the index.
That said, one of our own has sadly left us: Weiila's getting exhausted, so she's taking a vacation from the archive for a little while. One hopes not too long, but she needs her rest. We do have a new slave maintainer. Who is it? Check the update to see!

Oh and if you're wondering about the 404's just after this announcement, we had some troubles. They're fixed now.

(linking to a different folder and messing with TEH SYSTEM does not equal fixed -TD)

(It was the only think I oculd think of, TD. -Spaz)

• Another new shrine and staffer
08.23.2004 Update by Merlin

With the help of former staffer Orian (who's rejoining the staff as a shriner) Valkryie Esker is now joining the site with their shrine on Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Welcome them aboard/back!

• Video killed the radio star
08.25.2004 Update by Orian

'hoy y'all. I'll be starting a subsite in the next little while, and a section in it is, if I get enough participants, to be radio plays. I've already posted this on the forums, but since I might as well bring it to your attention here as well. The play I'm starting with is War of the Worlds based on the story, of the same name, by HG Wells. I'll be accepting auditions on MSN instant messenger through or in the RPGClassics chatroom under the name Jango. Also if you have any scripts, ideas, etc. that you'd like to see produced send them to me as well. Thanks for your time. Oh, the auditions will consist of a recording of you delivering the lines of a role you wish to case you didn't understand what I meant. The roles already taken can be found here. Auditions are due the 20th of September.

Oh, and for those of you who think you're being helpful by sending me links to stuff that has little or nothing to do with what I'm trying to pull together're not being helpful. Stop it.

• It's Zelda... What More Do You Want?
08.31.2004 Update by Hiryuu

The shrine on BS Zelda, the interesting Zelda remake made on the Super Nintendo's Satellaview system, is finished. BS Zelda is different enough from the Legend of Zelda that it feels like a completely new experience, but it's familiar enough that any fan of the original Zelda should feel right at home. Enough talk, go to shrine yourself and see.