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Archives: December 2004

• Updates!
12.05.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

Cleaned up affliates section and links section and updated polls section. Enjoy.

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• New staff!
12.08.2004 Update by Merlin

I'm pleased to announce that Nulani, our most loyal database worker, has now joined RPGC's ever-growing staff! Welcome aboard. Also let me take this opportunity that we're going to be opening up a lot of positions to do site work if you are interested, so stay tuned in the next couple of days!

• La Pucelle: Tactics
12.10.2004 Update by Hiryuu

Mastiff Games and the Hype Council were kind enough to send us a copy of La Pucelle as part of their promotion, so I have been kind enough to write my impressions of the game. Read all about it here.

• RPGC is Looking for New Workers! It Could Be You!
12.11.2004 Update by Merlin

Did you always want to work for RPGClassics, but couldn't make a shrine for us for whatever reason? Well, now you have another chance to do work for us and even join our staff! We're looking for people to help us update and maintain our massive RPG-information database, Alexandria. Anyway, I've written a whole spiel elsewhere (go here to read it), but I just wanted to announce it here for all of your benefit. Anyways, if you're interested, read the thread I just linked to, and e-mail to apply! Good luck, applications close in one-two weeks unless I need more applicants, and I hope to be accepting you soon :P

• WA2 Review
12.13.2004 Update by Cidolfas

I've got a capsule review of Wild ARMs 2 up now, if anyone's interested. 8-)

• Kitty is lazy...
12.19.2004 Update by StarStorm

Ok, the fanfic archive is *finally* updated.
But it's only a minor update. Why you ask? Because I'm still working on the upgrading of the archive, and once that's done (a week into January at most), I'm going to put up a big-happy-fun-time big update then.
So the fanfic archive isn't dead, and don't be too upset if your fic isn't in right now. It will be. Oh yesss it will be...

• Start of the Millenial Fair
12.25.2004 Update by The 984

Happy Holidays everyone. This is The 984, here to kick off RPGC's annual Millenial Fair, a way of celebrating the holidays. I believe the first one occurred after the First Great Deletion, and the tradition was brought back after the Staff regained control of the site from Jim in 2001. I'm sure Sin might eventually pipe in with some history of the event. Anyways, for the next seven days or so, we're gonna have an update a day, each being special. However, we'll have one big one in a few days that will celebrate a very special event. Hope that got you excited. You'll hear back from me later.

12.25.2004 Update by Hiryuu

And what better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than to relax, pour yourself a tall glass of egg nog, gather the entire family around the computer screen, and watch the RPGClassics Holiday Special 2004? Oh, and happy Kwanzaa too. And happy very-belated Hannukah... Anyway, enjoy the rest of this holiday season, whatever it is you're celebrating.

I swear, on the grave of Queen Victoria herself, you won't get away with this Hiryuu! You mark my words! - Pierson

• Your New Favorite Gift: a Shrine!
12.26.2004 Update by PKT_Paladin

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I present to you the Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict shrine! The game has never reached an English-speaking nation's shores, but for Shining Force enthusiasts it is definitely a must-play. This Game Gear installment of the series takes place between the first and second titles for Genesis, and even without knowledge of the Japanese language players of the game will be able to enjoy the game's simplistic, tactical battles common to all of the series' installments. The shrine contains both Japanese and English titles for the characters, items, and spells for players to use as a reference during their formation as well as just about anything else they'd expect to aid them with the game. Enjoy the shrine, and enjoy the rest of the Millenial Fair!

• OMG Quotes!
12.27.2004 Update by Merlin

As my chief contribution to the Fair, I've added a slew of quotes to the archive. Let's see here, we have quotes donated from... GG Chrono 4 (FF9, Chrono Cross, Disgaea), Weiila (Summoner 2, Grandia 2), Kat5220127 (FFX-2), Xachariah (FF1, FF7, FF10, Fallout 2), Chris Guzman (Earthbound), Bodie Murdock (FF9), BigOgre (FF6), Derktar (FF6), Jonathan T Engel (Fire Emblem), and Dalton of Zeal (Vanguard Bandits). I hope you enjoy them, and let the Fair continue!

• Millenial Fanart
12.27.2004 Update by Walhalla

Well, I tried making some sort of word play with fanart and fair, but yeah, I failed. And I don't care about what YOU think of my poor word play skills. :P So, what's special about this fanart update? Absolutely nothing, except that I kept all the submissions I got since my last update to make sure it would be more... substantial than usual. :P You can admire everything here. As a predictable conclusion, I hope you've enjoyed your Holiday so far and keep coming back for more MF updates! :D

• Hay guys what's going on in this Millenial Fair?
12.28.2004 Update by Pierson

Amidst the choppy oceans of inferior walkthroughs and ASCII art-header'd txt documents, RPGC shines like a lighthouse, standing for all that is good and true in the world, helping you to kill that last boss, or find that last treasure chest. It is with great pride and honour and more pride that I declare the Tales of Destiny II (PSX) shrine open for business! May the lighthouse shine that little brighter! God bless RPGC!

• new shrine and staffer!
12.29.2004 Update by Merlin

I am pleased to announce that we have a new shrine, this one is for Shadowrun on the Genesis! It was completed by our current staffer Xachariah, as well as a new staffer. Please welcome Archone aboard the good ship RPGC. Let the Millennial Fair continue to roll.

• RPGCarols, The 4th Verse
12.30.2004 Update by The 984

Whelp, the annual RPGCarols update is here for your enjoyment. Apparently they're still going somewhat strong. So, have fun, y'all.

And the Millenial Fair steamrolled on into the night.