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Archives: January 2004

• First Update of the New Year
01.02.2004 Update by zeppelin

Nothing like ringing in the new hour by seeing my beautiful face, huh? Well, it's time for my contribution to the Millenial Fair: updates to the FF6 Shrine. Unfortunately, due to the mysterious disappearance of stuff I was working on last month, not everything has been posted yet, but it will be soon. There are still a healthy amount of ready-to-digest updates available for your proto-sexual pleasure, however. Oh, and in case I don't see you again for a while, Happy Memorial Day.

• And for the second update...
01.02.2004 Update by Tenchimaru Draconis

You all get another incredibly tiny update from your's truly, this time for the Harvest Moon shrine. Namely, the Index got a facelift, and I added two whole new pages about the Crops and the Tools. Not a lot, I know. I tried to get more stuff done, like, two days ago, but Zsnes refused to cooperate in those efforts. Also, I was a bit busy with the holidays, and I'm a terribly lazy man.

• Minor history update with more to come!
01.02.2004 Update by Merlin

I was expecting to get a fully current site history update done by the 2nd, but I wasn't expected to be so busy with real-life work so much for the last week. So for now all I've done is clean up the history's code, and I've gone through all the present history and cleaned up some of its diction and grammar and whatnot. I've also made quite a few clarifications and updates for stuff that wasn't entirely accurate; only for the history already written however. But, if you're the kind of person who reads (or even enjoys) our history, first of all, it's not that interesting :P But second of all, if you are, then I suggest holding off on it until the next day or so. I expect to get the full history update done later tonight and into the 3rd or so. So wait until then to read, this update was done mainly to appease Cless Alvein's scheduling police.

• This Week's Polls
01.04.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

Certain games have multiple endings depending on certain choices in the game, character interaction, or quests. Also, now that Square-Enix has broken their no-direct-sequel trend for the Final Fantasy series... on what Final Fantasy game would you like to a sequel done? Vote through the links to the right.

• Aieeee, more History!
01.06.2004 Update by Merlin

For those who like this sort of thing, I've made a sizeable addition to the Site History section. Not only have I added an index page, but there are TWO brand new pages for your perusal, and the second half of page 5 also received new material. Now the history is current up through today basically :P Go read if you so desire.

• (^_^)
01.11.2004 Update by The Black Ninja

Hi everyone. Sorry that I Haven't gotten the Email situation fixed yet, but my excuse is actually valid. Myself and Deadly are now the proud parents of very cute baby boy. He was 6 pounds, 5 ounces and 18.5 inches long. If you would like to see pictures, you can head on over to here. I should be back around in a few days to finish up the work on the email server and kill all the ungodly amounts of spam.


• And for This Week...
01.11.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

This week's polls both try to gauge enthusiasm for upcoming RPG items, but one's a movie and one's a game. Guess which one is which. :P

• Ahh, More Polls!
01.19.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

Topics are Paper Mario and Final Fantasy XI. Enjoy.

• 2 Years of Complaining and only 1 Day of Work
01.24.2004 Update by RedComet

So I've been saying that I was going to make a savestate editor for Cross Dimension 0079 and Z Gundam for about 2 years now, and after only a day's work I've got the CD0079 one finished. You can get it at the Downloads page on the CD0079 shrine. Don't expect the Z Gundam one anytime soon. Even though all I really have to do is copy and paste some things. Remember, Z Gundam is like the red headed step child that lives under the stairwell.

• Polls
01.25.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

In light of Square-Enix's announcement that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will require a Gameboy Advance and a link cable per person in multiplayer, what do you still think about the game? Also, how was the game Dark Cloud (PS2)? Vote to the right!

• Z Gundam Savestate Editor
01.28.2004 Update by Red Comet

Z Gundam Savestate Editor uploaded, go get it at the Z Gundam shrine.

• Ze fanfictioning
01.31.2004 Update by Weiila

Lo and behold, for there is another fanfic update to dig in to. No new music though. Sorry. I'll do better next time, I promise.