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Archives: July 2004

• Buy/Sell/Exit?
07.01.2004 Update by Cidolfas

The FFCompendium has launched an online store, in affiliation with GKWorld. If you're thinking about buying an FF game, soundtrack, or any other goody, come on down and get it here!

• I need more attention!
07.06.2004 Update by Walhalla

And now that I have yours, the Fanart section has been updated, same place as always. Uh, finally? Yeah, but I don't feel sorry at all because I would've had nothing to update with earlier. :P Thanks for the submissions and keep them coming!

• Lookin' to kick some ass, foos?
07.17.2004 Update by StarStorm

Alright, I've stolen the games section from Ackbar, or whoever maintained it, so, I'm probably going to lose stuff in the revamping. If you want to be listed on the site, email my fuzzy ass.

First order of business: If you play Warcraft 3 (even better, Frozen Throne), RPGC is trying (Key word) to organize a clan. So if you're clanless and feel like joining one for kicks, recruiting will begin on Midnight EST, Saturday/Sunday. That's next midnight... You can also AIM the soon to be Cheiftain, Sonic Bomber. (Launcher870)

Second, I want to start a Quake 2 Tournament. For details, click here: Quake 2 Tournament of Champions Are YOU game? *goes to work on the games subsite*

• There must be some kind of mistake
07.17.2004 Update by Walhalla

Because there's already new stuff to see in the Fanart Section. :D Bahamut Lagoon and SaGa Frontier sections have even been added. Woo. Also, you might want to take a look at the newly installed Browse By Artist page, that somebody I won't name subtly pressured me to do. It took forever to do more details on the Fanart Section main page so be nice and check it out. :P Thanks!

• Mailbag delayed...
07.22.2004 Update by X_countryguy

Yeah, I know you guys have figured thise out but I pushed the mailbag back a couple of weeks citing my busy-ness, Charlemagne's shaky internet and the Cali Peeps party. Charle says he'll do the mailbag there with a lot of guest starts hopefully. This date is not final but it'll be done soon. Trust me...

• Mailbag For All My Cali Peeps
07.24.2004 Update by Megaman984 (And MEEEEEEE :D)

WEll, even with an arduous vacation of vacating and SHOOTING AND JUMPING, we were able to get the Mailbag done. We always get the Mailbag done. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. So, check out the Mailbag. Peace out!

• A New TRT - Present From Me to You
07.24.2004 Update by Rirse

If you don't know, today is my birthday, but in a odd twist of fate, I am giving you a present. For you see, I have reactivated TRT (the subsite) and premired a new episode to boot called Attack of the Killer Ads. I hope you read it, as it one of my funniest episode yet. Seeya later. :D