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Archives: June 2004

• Prayers for the Dying
06.01.2004 Update by RedComet

Okay, over the past few months I've been working on redoing various aspects of the Cross Dimension 0079 shrine that I didn't like. Now I'm finally finished with all that I plan on doing at this time. Also, check out the Z Gundam shrine as well. For more on what was updated see each page's respective home page.

That out of the way, I'd also like to announce that I'm going to be take the next couple months off as well. I have some major things that are going to happen this fall and I'd like to enjoy my summer and time before those things occur. Uh, lets see... anything else? Oh yeah, I'm not going to pull an Orakio and be found wasted in a coma on the side of the road in south-eastern Tibet with a bottle of Pepsi laying beside my body. So nobody think that. ;p

• Great Googily Moogily!
06.01.2004 Update by Hiryuu

The time is finally right for me to unveil my brand SPANKING new Great Greed shrine. Cheesy as all get-out, Great Greed has enough food references to make a gourmet blush and enough blatently environmentalist overtones to make Greenpeace swoon. But despite all that, it still manages to be one of the best little Gameboy RPGs there are. So take a look, will ya?

• Belated Merry May 17th
06.04.2004 Update by Mr. Saturn

Just stopped by to which you and yours a belated Merry May 17th, from all of us here at

• The New Polls
06.07.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

Topics are Paladin's Quest characters and Final Fantasy IV characters. So long, and thanks for all the fish suggestions!

• New fanart, at last.
06.13.2004 Update by Walhalla

Nah, I didn't forget. :P I got wonderful submissions, for many various games, from Ket Shi, Cless Alvein and a visitor I'll temporarily call Bradsgirl_55. Check them out here for less vagueness! However, I'm sure you other people can do better and send me more because 3 submitters in 2 weeks isn't a world record. :P On a different note, the general Fanart section layout has been completely re-organized, so if you want to see how I spent my two last Friday nights, and Saturday afternoons, you're welcome.

• Mailbag For All My Peeps
06.13.2004 Update by Megaman984

Well, it's time for my last Mailbag. It's been fun. Now, for Charlemagne, I'll be giving him two weeks to get the replies in. He can change it afterwards. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

• Nintendo Offers Classic NES-->GBA Poll!
06.17.2004 Update by Merlin

Nintendo is currently offering a poll where you can vote for which old Nintendo (NES) games you would most like to see ported over to the Game Boy Advance. This is a great opportunity to vote for some of the most classic games and RPGs released from the 8-bit era. The link to the poll is here.

Final Fantasy I and the first four Dragon Warrior games headline the RPG category, but you must select them from the drop-down boxes.

also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II and Battletoads kthx.

• From Yours-Truly of the Shrining Force
06.18.2004 Update by PKT_Paladin

By simply clicking on this link, you can access the now unveiled Shining Force shrine for the original Sega Genesis version. Please look around and feel free to e-mail your questions or comments to me. Also, stay tuned for more updates including coverage of the Gameboy Advance remake. Otherwise, please keep on truckin'.

• New Staff Come in Pairs Apparently
06.22.2004 Update by Merlin

It's with great pleasure I announce two new shrines for our site, and the new staff who maintain them. Please welcome Zaranith, with his shrine on Parasite Eve, and Loom, who is joining with his shrine on Golvellius!

• Whooo, More Fanfics!
06.23.2004 Update by StarStorm

Alright. The Fanfic update is finished. Almost. You should be able to access the fics from the main page unless I screwed up the links. The sorting is melting my brain, I'm going to deal with that later. *Whimper*
That said, get to reading peoples!

Edit 07.05.2004: Done. Fully. Sheez. And mistakes corrected too. Whews. Sorry about the delay all.

• Suito Homu
06.23.2004 Update by Hiryuu

After literally spending years in my "I'll get to it some day" list, I finally got around to completely mapping Sweet Home. So, if you've got the guts, mosey on over to the Sweet Home Shrine, go to the Map section and prepare yourself for an interactive tour of Mamiya's haunted mansion. It's the next best thing to actually playing the game.

• Mailbag under new management
06.27.2004 Update by X_countryguy

Hey there everyone! I'm here to inform you that the mailbag is updated on time and everything is fine. Go read it already!

Also, the Megaman 64 shrine is recieving a facelift. Check it out.

• Finally!
06.27.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

Here are the new polls for this week. Err, three weeks ago. Anyway, enjoy.