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Archives: May 2004

• The Polls!
05.02.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

Go vote if you like Final Fantasy VII! (actually, vote even if you don't)

• FanfiXing update
05.03.2004 Update by Weiila

The fanfic section has been updated and revamped - nothing that you readers should note much of... well, at least not the latter matter. As for the first, toddle off to it and read to feel literal and enlightnened by the wise points that your fellow authors and internet addicts make. And stuff.

• temporary solution
05.13.2004 Update by Merlin

until the mail server gets fixed, if you need to e-mail somebody on the staff with a question or comment, please e-mail That's my hotmail address, and I'll see that any questions or comments get sent to the proper person. Thanks for your patience!

• Oooh look !! An update !! O.o
05.16.2004 Update by Dragon God

Yeah..... about time too :p 11 new soundtracks added, highlights being Valkyrie Profile, Soul Calibur II and Shadow Hearts II. As usual, additions here.

• Yay, More Polls!
05.17.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

I've actually gotten suggestions this week, so I'll be using them as much as I can :P Thank you all for them!

• Finally, a fun update!
05.20.2004 Update by The Black Ninja

Well, now that most of the server issues are behind us, I can finally make the first of my updates, starting with the Breath of Fire 1 shrine! A very kewl update from Flamefury about an awesome hunting trick! Go check it out here! And for the other part, the LunarSSSC Shrine now has the info in Luna's Level Chart for Level 19 thanks to Lanseed! You can check that out here!

Coming soon for future updates, I'll be updating some maps in the LunarSSSC Shrine and I'll also have the Lunar 2:EBC Shrine ready to go (maybe not totally done the way I want) for at least the information in the next month or two (^_^)

• It's Mailbag Time!
05.20.2004 Update by Megaman984

Well, after many, many months, the Mailbag is updated. What can I say. I messed up. I apologize it took so long. Stuff got in the way. More details concerning it inside. Have a look.

• Vanguard Bandits Shrine complete! Finally!
05.21.2004 Update by Dalton of Zeal

Finally, after nearly 2 years of what seemed like no progress at all, I've completed the Vanguard Bandits shrine! This shrine, however, is hardly a last minute rush job; I have worked very hard on it to make it accessible to newbies and veterans alike. Go check it out if you so desire.

• Polls for this Week
05.23.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

This week's polls are reader-sent, and, of course, concern the Final Fantasy series. Have fun voting!

• Mailbag Reminder
05.26.2004 Update by Megaman984

Just a Mailbag reminder to get your replies in about your thoughts on Final Fantasy XI. Just e-mail them on in.

• SaGa Frontier 2 99% complete!
05.26.2004 Update by Skankin' Garbage LIVES!

Hey kids! Remember when me and Kagon released the SaGa Frontier 2 shrine? Well, two of the most important parts, those being the sidequests and 1/2 of the walkthrough (Wil Knights), were missing completely, due to my losing them in a computer switch. Well, after losing it and rewriting parts all over again, plus many revisions, they're both FINALLY DONE! I also updated the General Information section, so if you're about to start SaGa Frontier 2, be sure to check that page out! You can find all of them in their corresponding sections. :D

The only thing missing from the shrine now is the Shoes page, which is Kagon's department :P That'll be done soon though, I imagine. :P Also, expect a chronological table of events for the game to be uploaded sometime soon, as well! :D Enjoy.

Oh yeah, and thanks to ex-staffer Orian for HTMLizing both the walkthrough and the sidequest section, because I was too damn lazy :P

• Fanart is Alive Again!
05.27.2004 Update by Walhalla

(That was the most predictable and lamest title I could find for my first update.) As you can infer, Faetan, the now previous Fanart section maintainer, is leaving that part of the site in my hands. *Uncomfortable silence.* This means, unfortunately, that if you've sent art since the last section update, which was in February, you'll have to send it again to this new and completely unexpected address: Read, or re-read, the Submission Guide for more details, please. I'm, like, totally waiting for loads of submissions now. ...Obviously, I'd be a bad seller. :P

Thank you, and send your lovely pics because we want the section to kick back in!

There are too many updates and not enough women here. :P Anyway. You thought this update was boring? Check out the Fanart section main page for worse. :D

• two minor updates
05.28.2004 Update by Merlin

This happened a while ago, but Sinistral decided he couldn't work on the Quotes Archive anymore. So I'm taking it over all by my lonesome. Second of all, as a prelude of future changes, DragonGod can't fix up nor maintain the Final Fantasy Tactics shrine any longer. RoguePaladinTrian and myself are going to take it over as co-maintainers. That's it!

• Weekly Pollz
05.30.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

New polls! And special thanks to Phoenix Valkyrie, who contributed numerous polls!

• Exclusive Interview!
05.30.2004 Update by Cidolfas

I've recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview for the FF Compendium with Richard Honeywood, a senior Localization Director at Square Enix. The conversation we had (which also included other members of the localization team) was lengthy and very insightful. I guarantee you'll learn things you never knew about how games are made and translated! Head on down to the FFC and check it out!

In other good news, we've gotten four new staff members, so we should be much more efficient once everything settles down. The FFC also got a mention in the July version of EGM;check out our main page for scans of the page!

• Mailbag DELAYED
05.31.2004 Update by Megaman984

I refuse to go out with a whimper. I refuse to leave the Mailbag with a piddly little 5 Reply Mailbag. I know more than that have played FFXI. I can only assume that they're too busy playing it to reply. However, I still need those Replies. Send them in.