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Archives: September 2004

• Shiney new MailBag for you
09.05.2004 Update by Charlemagne

OMFG! New MailBag! I know it took like FOREVER! but hey, if we had finished it earlier, you wouldnt be able to enjoy it for the first time right now. dont be so ungrateful :P anywho, check it out. it's waiting for you. waiting by the door, like a lonely puppy.

• Because Too Much Info Is Never Possible
09.05.2004 Update by Hiryuu

I revised the FFIV Enemy List to coincide with Lord Skylark's extended monster list Version 2.0. What does all that mean? There's lots more information there now than there ever was before. And it only took me 2 years to get around to HTMLizing it and adding it to the shrine!

• E-mail Woes
09.06.2004 Update by Cidolfas

Just a heads-up... it seems that there's a problem with RPGC's e-mail. Nothing's getting through to any staffers (e-mail is getting bounced back). We're trying to get ahold of Merlin or Black Ninja to help with the problem, but we've had no success thus far. In the meantime, e-mail is just plain down. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope we can get things running smoothly again soon.

(Also, to all shrine builders, don't worry about the lack of email causing you to lose your shrine. People who received a status check but haven't been able to reply will automatically get their shrines renewed for the month. This applies only to people who have ALREADY received their status check email. I won't be sending any more out until the email issue has been resolved. -Hiryuu)

(Everything seems to be working again. Thank you again for your patience. -Hiryuu)

• Failure >.<
09.10.2004 Update by Orian

Well, due to an immense lack of support I'm canning my radio play idea. Thanks for nothing.

• Surprise surprise!
09.12.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

Polls are actually updated! If you notice a slightly faster loading time in them, it's because I cleaned up the code. Have fun seeing the new and improved poll section (even though visible there's no difference :P)

• Starcraft Atrium is Back!
09.17.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

Finally, it's back! There has been a new layout, new sections, a new forum feature, new better subsite. Check it out here now!

09.18.2004 Update by RedComet

This is for my fellow Gundam fanatics and those of you who enjoyed Mobile Suit Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079 should really, REALLY go over to the Aeon Genesis Translation Proclamation and check out the last couple of updates. I think you'll find something VERY interesting over there. :D

• Mailbag delayed...
09.19.2004 Update by X_countryguy

The mailbag has been pushed back a week due to the mail server being out of whack for nearly a week. Also make sure you e-mail me with the title "mailbag" or similar when replying to the mailbag instead of just saying "Hello" and having an attachment on it...

• More Polls and Stuff
09.19.2004 Update by Cless Alvein

New polls thanks to Dalton of Zeal! I've heard of this Japanese guy who played video games for three days straight and then collapsed or something, but what's the average gamer's playtime? Go add your vote to the right.

And because very few noticed, my Starcraft subsite has a little forum section for dicussing Starcraft. It's here, in case, you know, you didn't notice, or noticed but didn't care enough to click :P

• And One Month Later
09.20.2004 Update by Walhalla

You can check the new submissions in the Fanart section now, if you wish. Thank you. I'm sure you can all send more next time, right? Right.

• Dark Cloud shrine complete
09.29.2004 Update by Timbermoon

The Dark Cloud shrine is complete, and available to all. I hope that it is helpful and enjoyable to read. Blessings to you, gaming people!

• About RPGCGames...
09.30.2004 Update by StarStorm

Ok people, I'm sure you all are interested in being listed in RPGC games. So right now I'm cleaning up the lists and redoing them. So feel free to send in a new application. Preferably at my Gmail account ( until my RPGC mail if forwarded there. That's all, and thanks for your patience.

All I really need in the app, is to look over RPGC Games for the games you play, send me the stuff I need (what server you play in, your nick, stuff like that) and any contact info you feel comfortable releasing (for the Player Listing). Thanks again!