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Archives: August 2005

• You're the mail now, bag
08.04.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Hmm, not a whole lot of people submitted yet...perhaps because they're procrastinating like usual and waiting until the last second. Or because they don't know what to talk about.

Well, here are some thoughts as to possible topics:
- The whole "Hot Coffee" scandal spilled onto our laps. Actually, maybe it'd be better if we just ignored that, I think everyone's sick of that whole issue as it is.
- Blizzard shut down Blizzard North, creators of Diablo II. A lot of people had already migrated to other companies, and other games (I'm keeping my eye on Hellgate: London, myself; Guild Wars was another former-Diablo-employee created game) but those that remained were apparently encouraged to move to the central Blizzard HQ to work on a mystery project. Most say it's Diablo 3. What would YOU like to see Blizzard do, and if it is Diablo 3, what would make it an even better and more addicting game than D2?
- Dalton of Zeal is a horrible person. He is a male chauvanist pig extrordinaire, to the point where the floor of the trunk of his car contains the chromosomal remains of upwards of 50 dead hookers; the only sleeping around they do anymore is with the fishies. He also spoiled the latest Harry Potter book for a bunch of middle schoolers, some of whom he then proceeded to sell into prostitution.
- I think SG is planning to kill ninjas. How do I know this? I had a weird dream and during it I swear to god I heard his voice saying "Muwahaha, now it's time to kill ninjas-uhh, I mean, none of you heard any of that...nothing." or something to that effect. I strongly recommend that BN and DN makes themselves scarce...r. And someone should place SG under house arrest and monitor him for signs of pirate-related activity.

As for the deadline, umm, my parents decided rathar abruptly to go up to see my grandmother in Old Forge, and obviously I'm going with them because I can't be left alone for extended periods of time, especially not when the safety (and potential flammability) of small children is at stake. We'll probably get back Sunday, which coincidentally is when I set the date for the Mailbag. Of course those dates are always aqueous; and I'll probably need a little time to rest and relax after erm, resting and relaxing.

EDIT: Lies! Half-truths! All of them are lies! Drown to death in an ocean of your lies, X2K! ~ D of Z

• Bleach Crystals
08.07.2005 Update by Cidolfas

Another set of two reviews for y'all. First up is a long-overdue blurb on my official favorite game of all time, Final Fantasy IX. Second up is the first season of Bleach, a neat new anime which doesn't shine, but doesn't get tarnished either. Read read read!

• It's not a feature
08.10.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

It's a Mailbag! And we're continuing with the Battle Royale, so let the carnage commence without delay!

• The Crazy Program
08.13.2005 Update by Walhalla

New art. You have two choices: Final Fantasy or Dragon Ball Z/GT. If you're not happy with them, you can always, you know, tell all your friends to send me other stuff (it almost sounds like a hint). :P

• Clearly, Spoonybard had failed us.
08.15.2005 Update by Zero

But he got better. Onlinelife has been updated again after a rather long hiatus. I choose to blame City of Heroes for his absence.

And the fact he's a lazy newf

• Clearly, Google has failed us
08.15.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Well, this is most embarressing. Worried about Majinbuu's unexplained condemnation to my GMail account's spam box, I did some checking and dug out about 6 or so other mails that got sent there.

From now on, put "Mailbag" as the title, or at least IN the title, of anything you submit for the mailbag. That'll help catch my eye if it DOES get sent to the spam folder, or better yet I might be able to set up a filter to counter the other filter.

Perhaps I was wrong to doubt those who spoke ill of Google's intentions...

• Join page switch
08.24.2005 Update by RoguePaladinTrian

Starting yesterday I will be handling the Join page in the finest tradition of my predecessors. In case you still have Cidolfas, Hiryuu, or Dalton of Zeal stored away in your friends list as the person to contact for reserving a shrine, you'll have to change the address your messages are sent to. Happy shrining.

Or Merlin! Merlin also once ran the join page you know! -Maquiladora...

Let's hope this fares better than the SoM shrine. Oh and let's all hit Merlin collectively. -Sinistral

CURSED! - Rirse

I'd like to add that I have forwarded RPT all of the Join Page emails I have received over the past few months, so for those of you who have emailed me regarding shrining, rest assured that you will be accounted for, and you will assigned your shrines on a first come, first serve basis. And I apologize for my lack of organization regarding the Join Page, but I am confident that RPT will do an excellent job in my place. ~ Dalton of Zeal

• The Final And Eternal Fanart Update!
08.28.2005 Update by Walhalla

New Phantasy Star (ooh yes!), Final Fantasy XII, Evangelion and Noir art to see. Go there and look.

• Poll Update!
08.30.2005 Update by Cless Alvein

Maybe this time I'll know better than to promise to update regularly? Anyway, polls to your right, as always, so go vote!