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Archives: February 2005

• Co-maintainership...equals lots of stupid questions...
02.01.2005 Update by Orian

Ok, due to the fact that I've been getting a lot of e-mail regarding the Kingdom Hearts shrine and also because I know a lot about the game I've taken on the role co-maintainer of the Kingdom Hearts shrine. As co-maintainer I'll be handling any questions any of you might have about KH that the shrine may be a little foggy about. But in advance...ask yourself this question before e-mailing me with a question of your own: "is this a good question?" if the answer yes doesn't automatically pop into your head...don't send the e-mail. It's slightly annoying when I get e-mail about reaching a room that you had to reach earlier in the game and you're lost even though the route is the exact same...

• No Mailbag for y-Wait, did I already use that title?
02.02.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

You may have noticed that January 31, 2005 has come and gone with little fanfare, and more importantly, no mailbag. There's a good reason for that: The number of e-mails I got was, well, insufficient. Since I'm feeling a bit lazy as well as a bit gracious at the moment, I'll go ahead and give you guys until this coming weekend to send those entries in. Come on, people! Unless your name is DomaDragoon, Rirse, Pink Lugia, or Shade, you haven't sent me an entry in yet! Which means you got some 'splaining to dooo!

• More Reviews
02.03.2005 Update by Cidolfas

My reviews page now has blurbs on the GBA version of Final Fantasy and the anime Lost Universe. Take a gander if you like.

• Wild Arms 3 Shrine Complete!
02.06.2005 Update by Dalton of Zeal

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking "Will this shrine meet the high standards that I've come to expect from RPGC?" Well, my friends, let's just say I spent so much time working on this one that I'm actually SICK of Wild Arms 3! And being the self-proclaimed Wild Arms aficionado that I am, that's saying a LOT!

Take a look! And email me with any comments or criticism if you feel the need to!

As for me, well, I'm going to be spending the next few months bringing the various shrines under my maintenance up to speed, and working on covering Alter Code F whenever Agetec chooses to release it (May 10th is the slated release date now). I'm aiming at having a revision complete every month and a half or so, so I'm obviously going to have a lot of work to do. I'm still going to be looming around the forums though, and I'll still respond promptly to any IMs or emails.

Finally (sorry to update your ear off!), I updated my staff bio. Here it is!

• Bard's Tale!
02.15.2005 Update by Hiryuu

RPGClassics was fortunate to receive a copy of the new Bard's Tale game, which ClothHat has been kind enough to review for us. Go ahead and read his review if you'd like.

• They call it a Battle Royale with Cheese
02.16.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

So, I tried to update the mailbag last night, but as I was doing so the site decided to push itself down a flight of stairs. I don't really see how it could be MY fault, since all I did was upload the text files, but my incompetence when it comes to this kind of thing is well-known. Oh, and I DID upload one kinda big picture. Of what? Well, you'll just have to read the 'bag to find out! And, yeah, the Battle Royale is on hiatus. I was REALLY disappointed with the lack of participation, so I want to wait until more people start playing along again.

• Return of the Sequel
02.19.2005 Update by Cidolfas

More reviews coming your way; this time we deal with Parasite Eve 2 for PSX, and the anime Tales of Eternia, directly based off the game released here as Tales of Destiny 2. Have fun.

• New reading material.
02.25.2005 Update by Sephiroth Katana

I figured I'd dust off the reviews section by adding a new Capsule Review of Chrono Cross. Several more reviews are on their way, as well as a possible reorganization of the entire section.

• Server Maintainence
02.25.2005 Update by The Black Ninja

Hi everyone. Just so you all know, on Saturday Feb 26 starting about 9:30 CST the site will be down for some much needed overhauling. Site email should still work unless the server is in a reboot process so expect that to work. Any staff or visitors with questions can email me.

• The mailbags mostly come at night...mostly...
02.26.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Don't forget kiddies, the Mailbag deadline draws soon. And it WILL be on time for a change, since I actually got a good number of replies. But that doesn't mean I don't want yours! Be a part of mailbag history! RPGC Mailbag 2005: You Decide!

• More new reading material.
02.26.2005 Update by Sephiroth Katana

Following up on my promise, I've added seven new Capsule Reviews, including a review of Suikoden II.