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Archives: June 2005

• BlueMageOne Fanservice
06.01.2005 Update by MegamanX2K


For everyone else, in case you're one of those procrastinators when it comes to the mailbag, IT'Z ALLMOST HEER so get crackin' if you haven't already, ya lazy bums. I only got like 5 entries so far; I gues that might be enough but I'd like to have more to work with. I KNOW there's way more than five RPGCers. Hell, there's more than five staffers, even not counting me. But do any of THEM submit? Noooooo.

Hopefully you all feel VETTY guilty now, and you'll start writing within the next 12 hours just to shut me up.

Also, TD is a moron for questioning Mace Windu. That is all.

Look, all I'm saying is that if he's such a bad mofo, why doesn't he have a fro?

Because Jedis don't wear, nor NEED, fros. And stop editing my posts before I go Grievous on your ass.

• Could you hand me my light saber? It's the one that says "Bad Motherbagger" on it
06.03.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

That's right, Mailbag's up, and I think I did a good job this time too. I even got fanmail ^.^ And plenty of references for the old-timers here.

Anyway, for the next couple weeks we got a Free For All going, as you can see. Please don't hold out on me here, I want a lot of material to work with! If you can type, you can enter! Just use some common sense and decency. Well, maybe not THAT much.

• New TRT! Nooooooo...
06.04.2005 Update by Rirse

Yep, the moment you all been dreading...another episode of TRT *hears one person say yay and then get beaten up*. No matter, as I enjoy making these pages. Anyway, it called "The Arrival" and if you care, you should check it out.

• FW: Discount M@1|b@g delivered straight to your door
06.11.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

That's right kids, the next mailbag's almost around the corner. Don't be afraid to submit something; this IS a Free For All, so it's like ANYTHING goes. Within reason. Very, very THIN reason. Like, as long as it doesn't involve something truly horriffic, like people's eyes being gouged out, or racism and stuff. Not that I'd expect any of that from you, but if you studied under Pai Mei, I'd be careful what I wrote in. (I'm so glad that old bastard's dead.)

Err, anyway, like I said, don't be afraid to write in and help add to the hilarity. I know a few of you said you love to READ my mailbags (brown-nosing to an underling like me? how low can some people get??) but they don't write in because they're not comfortable with certain topic types. Well, like I said, Free For All baby! So that's no excuse. *cracks knuckles and looks at certain people, one perhaps that rhymes with "Malton" for example, menacingly*

Oh and maybe after the Free For All we can all play some Capture the (Mail)Bag.

• Possible Topics of Inspiration
06.12.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

In case you want to write in but you're stuck as to what to write are a couple thoughts that have been crossing my mind.

- Tales of Symphonia: I loathed it, for reasons I sorta elbaorated on in a previous bag, but feel free to give me an excuse to go deeper in depth as to why someone at Namco Tales Studio deserves a kick in the ol' Mana Tree.

- Unreal Tournament: Jumped the shark. Yes? No? I haven't played UT04 in, oh, at least four months now. Why am I fed up? Send in your thoughts and maybe you'll find out mine.
(Oh, and why does everyone have "No Superweapons" up on their servers? If you can't stand the redeemer, get out of my kitchen.)

- Quake 2: Merlin totally needs to try and bring that back. Right? Agree with me. Come on, you know it's true. The time he spends changing his avatars to create the illusion of fear he could be getting his duodenum bisected by Urkani's railgun.

- E3: Uhh, whatever, there was a lot of stuff, really. PS3: Fragile Plastic Hype box? XBox 360: They shoulda saved that name for the third itineration, really. And the Nintendo Revolution...what's the revolution? Does anyone know? Oh, and ANOTHER GBA. This one SMALLER. Brilliant. Meanwhile there's no plans to make a SP version of the DS, one that can play GB games and multiplayer GBA. Idiots.

Someone pointed out that like half the updates here are mailbag-related. That's not good. People are sick of me already. Of course, you could help alleviate that by joining RPGC and contributing content to our site...we've got plenty of games you could shrine! Don't make me hit you.

• M-M-M-M-MONSTER BAGbagbagbag...
06.15.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

It's up! It's Good! Got a lot of responses this time, had a lot to work with.

Special thansk to 984 for doing the "Free for Al" sign, and to Orakio for giving me some much needed transparency - literally.

New Topic's to your right. We're trying to be a little more open-ended, so don't be afraid to write in with your thoughts even if they're only tangential.

• Polls Return
06.20.2005 Update by Cless Alvein

Uh, just pretend that I've been updating the polls for the last three months. Well, new topics are to your right! Go vote!

• Stardust In My Eyes...
06.22.2005 Update by RedComet

Today, Crotanks and myself officially open up our joint video game translation site up for public viewing. Twilight Translations. Come on in, and see where the fun is! ..Or something equally cheesy. The point is, we want you to come see us. :P

• Earthbound!
06.23.2005 Update by Hiryuu

Believe it or not, the Earthbound Shrine has been updated. The main thing is that it has a brand new Enemies Section, but a couple of other minor things were added as well. Go ahead and check it out, if you dare!

• Pre-Happs I should clarify
06.28.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Regarding the mailbag topic, I've been getting a few e-mails from people who apparently just saw the word "stereotyping" and thought the mailbag was about typical RPG stereotypes of any sort. I meant more along the lines of gender stereotypes and gender roles as they're applied in video games (and obviously RPGs in particular). So, don't e-mail me talking about just how that long staff fit inside that tiny treasure box.

*five minutes later, realizes just how inappropriate that sounds given the topical context*

*another five minutes later* I recently got Battlefield 2, so if you wanna talk about that, be my guest (to a further degree)! I can write it off as RPG talk cuz there's a slight degree of character development in multiplayer. You get to unlock some sweet pump-action shotguuuuuuI mean, oh dear.