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Archives: March 2005

• Friendly Little Shrine
03.03.2005 Update by Hiryuu

As an appetizer for the shrines to come (there are a few on the way, trust me... just be patient!), I've whipped up a little shrine on the game Maya the Bee: Garden Adventures a GBC game aimed at children released in Europe based on the Maya the Bee anime.

• RPGC Live at Spring Break!
03.03.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Actually it's not Spring Break yet. Sorry. But it IS Mailbag time! And you have an extra week this time to get your responses in to account for your being in Cancun or Panama or Grandma or wherever you people go that hasn't invented e-mail or RPGs or mailbags yet. Me, I'll be here reading 'em. SOME of us have our priorities straight.

• Disaster Averted
03.09.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

I'm surprised nobody noticed it before I brought it up, but I accidentally overwrote Mailbag 122 (the Battle Royale) with the current one. Fortunately TD had an archive in his cache and so we're back to normal now.

Also, I fixed a couple things here and there, especially sprite transparencies, thanks to Megaman984.

• New Polls for You
03.12.2005 Update by Cless Alvein

Been a while, hasn't it? This week's topics are a summoner battle and Final Fantasy X-2. Go vote!

• Beating Up Hippies Has Never Been This Much Fun!
03.20.2005 Update by Hiryuu

In an effort to avoid being totally unproductive over Spring Break, I scrabbled together all my free time to replace the Earthbound Zero Shrine's old, borrowed walkthrough with a new one. Which might come in handy for anybody who has still yet to play the origin of the Mother series.

• Before the Mailbag
03.20.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Nope, it's not a new mailbag - you guys still have another week for that, remember? You DO plan on contributing, of course. Because I'd be very disappointed if I don't get a good amount of submissions to work with.

Anyway, I just put up a little humor piece cuz I felt like it. And also to show off 984's improved sprites. Now with fewer backgrounds! He also made Slan's sprite; actually all he did was take a standard slime sprite and stick it onto our board's Spam smiley, but in this state working with Spam is categorized as Level 3 hazardous chemical treatment, so I had to outsource it to Georgia.

Ooh, a little political commentary. For sooth.