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Archives: May 2005

• Xeno Double Attack
05.03.2005 Update by Cidolfas

Been a while since I got around to writing reviews, so I did a double-whammy. You'll now find my reviews section updated with blurbs on Xenosaga Episode II as well as the Xenosaga anime (both fairly disappointing, I'm afraid). Go lookie!

• Fanfic update?
05.04.2005 Update by d Galloway

Yes, I've updated the fanfiction section. Sorry it took so long, but...well, just read the index for a full explanation.

• Join Page
05.06.2005 Update by Dalton of Zeal

Due to a lack of time and resources amongst other unfortunate circumstances, Hiryuu will be unable to maintain the Join Page from this point forward, for an indefinite amount of time. And he was doing a great job, too.

However, do not fret. He has left the page in my capable, though inexperienced, hands. So from this point forward, you will have to email me if you wish to reserve a shrine to work on, or if you are replying to a status check email. If you have already received a status check email this month that was sent by Hiryuu, please send a reply to me so that I can be sure you're still working on it. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Oh, and check back next week on May the 13th. That day will mark the third year of my staffhood at RPGC, and I just might have a little something in terms of an update to one of my shrines to share with you. 8)

EDIT: Said update will be ready on the 15th.

• (In)fallible?
05.12.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Yeah, the mailbag's late again. Sorry, but due to a lot of converging factors, I've been...unable to do it lately, and so I think it'd be best to wait until this weekend. So you've still got some time.

• It's a Miracle!
05.16.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Actually, it's a mailbag. You guys know the drill.

• Merry May 17th
05.17.2005 Update by Mr. Saturn would like to extend warm Merry May 17th wishes to all of our visitors. May you all enjoy it responsibly.

• Honorable Ilk
05.26.2005 Update by Hiryuu

I have scrapped together a shrine for the Enix Famicom Tactical RPG Just Breed (Or JustBreed, depending on who you ask). Considering the system, this game was quite the technical achievement, and some argue that it was the system's last great RPG. Anyway, it's a fun play if you like games like Shining Force or Fire Emblem, so go ahead and check it out.