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Archives: October 2005

• *kicks Rirse's non-fanart update*
10.05.2005 Update by Walhalla

Yes, I know you've all been waiting for this. New fanart update. Good night.

• It's Got A Neat Acronym
10.08.2005 Update by Cidolfas

I realized that waiting till I had two reviews to post would soon end up in monthly or more waits, so I'm going to post individual reviews now. At least it'll start cluttering up the main page again. Man, I'm reminiscing about my mailbag now. 8p Anyway, to the point: you can now read about an obscure but excellent anime mini-series recommended to me by Tenchimaru_Draconis/Rhaka: Now and Then, Here and There. Have a ball.

• New reader submissions.
10.10.2005 Update by Sephiroth Katana

I added reader reviews of Kingdom Hearts and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, written by Skankin' Garbage and Mullenkamp, respectively.

• Dragonball Z: Assault of the Saiyans English Patch
10.10.2005 Update by RedComet

Twilight Translations has just released a new patch. Go check it out and let me know what you think! :)

• New stuff.
10.22.2005 Update by Walhalla

I'm so motivated that I update at 9 AM on a Saturday morning. Take a look at the Fanart section for the newest submissions. It's more varied than usual. :P

• New reader submission.
10.29.2005 Update by Sephiroth Katana

Crash26821 has contributed a brief review of the original Final Fantasy to our reader reviews.

• A Halloween Treat
10.31.2005 Update by Rirse

Happy Halloween everyone. This is Rirse with the newest TRT Halloween episode, which takes place one in the past. I hope you enjoy it, and sorry if I wasn't able to use anyone in the episode, as timing forced me to delete a few characters. 1st Annual TRT Halloween