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Archives: September 2005

• Double Affiliation Update!
09.03.2005 Update by Cless Alvein

Our new affiliates at Vast Lands of Grandia and VGamp are definitely worth checking out. Vast Lands is a site dedicated to information and artwork of all games in the Grandia series, and VGamp is a music streaming site with tons of variety in Final Fantasy music and requests available. Go take a look!

• Clearly, you have failed me for the last time...
09.05.2005 Update by MegamanX2K

Yeah, you might notice the mailbag's like a week late or so. Well, a few reasons for that, some of them mine, but mainly I haven't gotten very many entries to work with. If y'all could help fix that, that'd be just swell.

Also, Dalton is not only responsible for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, but also for the leaking of Valerie Plame's identity to multiple sources, who generously donated to his vast overseas bank accounts that he recently tapped into to pay for massive reconstructive facial surgery courtesy of Hawkeye from M*A*S*H.

In Dalton's defense, he did a FANTASTIC job.

• Join page blip
09.05.2005 Update by RoguePaladinTrian

The join page won't be updated nor will email be processed for two or three days as I move into my lodgings for the semester. It shouldn't take so much time, but they never cleaned the building during the summer. >_<

• In the name of France
09.14.2005 Update by Walhalla

I shall reclaim this update! (This is such an old joke.) Head on over to the Fanart Section for new art. Truly, an awesome update it is. Thanks everyone!

• Time and Space
09.25.2005 Update by Cidolfas

Two retro reviews for you. The first, the WAY overdue review of Chrono Trigger; the second, the also slightly overdue review of Xenosaga Episode I. As always, lookie here for the goods.

• Behold, a non-fanart/mailbag update
09.29.2005 Update by Rirse

It Rirse here with another TRT episode, this called "Shopping Day Blues" which is a remake of the very original TRT episode from the old storyline. I hope you guys like it, and check on the main forum on how to appear in the annual Halloween episode next month.