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Archives: April 2006

• No April Fool's This Year
04.01.2006 Update by Merlin

There aren't any current April Fool's day jokes on our site.


We... uh... forgot to make one.

For real.

... >.>

• Join Page
04.05.2006 Update by Cless Alvein

Again, I apologize if I have not answered to your e-mails concerning shrine creation in the last little while. The join page database system is current down until further notice. This announcement will be up and stickied until it is fixed. Thank you all for your patience. By the way, this includes shrine completion requests as well.

• Twice the Kingdom, Twice the Heart
04.18.2006 Update by Cidolfas

I've dashed off a review of the brand-spanking new Kingdom Hearts II (okay, it's actually the longest review I've written yet). Take a look if you're interested.