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Archives: January 2006

• The Most Important Update of the Year...
01.02.2006 Update by Hiryuu

...So far, anyway.

A helpful visitor named Ronyon was kind enough to create and donate a world map for the Glory of Heracles II shrine. It's a must for those of you who are constantly wandering around Ancient Greece, lost and without direction... You know who you are...

• Links/Affiliates and Other Updates
01.04.2006 Update by Merlin

The staff decided to reevaluate how we handle our affiliates and links section. To execute the first part of that evaluation, I merged the two sections together, reorganized it, and removed a couple dead links.

In addition I did a bunch of maintenance fixes around the site thanks to the information provided by a number of helpful visitors who emailed me about it. The changes are -->
*Fixed a wrongly labeled SD3 Fanfiction link.
*Fixed a broken image link in the Castlevania: SotN shrine
*Fixed a broken link in the Avalon shrine.
*Fixed a broken link in the DW7 shrine.
*Fixed the table of contents in the FF1 shrine.
*Fixed the database entry link for the in-progress FF8 shrine.

• And again.
01.10.2006 Update by Walhalla

RPG, non-RPG and anime art. To see all of this, go there. Convinced? I would be too.

• Legacy of the Wizard update
01.13.2006 Update by Merlin

For those who've played Legacy of the Wizard, until recently it has been impossible to defeat the final boss without the use of an emulator. Recently I've been notified about an emulator that will let you defeat the boss, and I've updated the shrine to reflect that. Thanks to Thomas Tran for the info!

I've also been given a map for Golden Axe Warrior from Cyanide, and its game database page should reflect this addition.

• Fangtastic Shrine News
01.16.2006 Update by Hiryuu

Well boys and ghouls, the Castlevania: Symphony of Night shrine has been updated after many, many moons of resting in peace. Among the new additions are brand-new maps, a new walkthrough, a subweapons page, item locations, and some other minor tweaks. Make no bones about it, it would be a grave mistake to miss out on this update...

• Paranoid Samurai - with ARMs!
01.16.2006 Update by Cidolfas

Been a while, but I managed to dash off a couple of reviews for you - well, actually three! I'm running out of spare time, so no more screenshots, I'm afraid. It was a good idea at the time. ^^; Anyway, my reviews section now contains pristine new mentions of Wild ARMs: Alter Code F, and the anime section now talks about Paranoid Agent and Samurai Champloo. Enjoy!

• The Mansion
01.18.2006 Update by Orian

Good evening y'all. I'm updating tonight to release the initial version of my Resident Evil based subsite The Mansion. The subsite contains walkthroughs and information on Resident Evil Zero, the GCN Remake and RE4 for both the PS2 and GCN. I'm always looking for more content and the like so feel free to submit anything you think I might be missing. The rest of the games will be filled in as I go along. The subsite contains editorials, mailbags and a comic I'll be updating in the next few days. If you've got anything you'd like to submit (comics, information, questions, images, trivia) feel free to e-mail me.

• two new shrines
01.22.2006 Update by Merlin

I am glad to unveil two new shrines to our site. Please welcome aboard Yuki, who has completed a shrine on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Adamant, who has completed a shrine on Fire Emblem 1! Astute visitors will've noticed that the Fire Emblem shrine has been on our site for some time, it's just that due to life and school I have not had time to do a formal announcement until now, my apologies :P

I also did a minor link fix in the Translation section, a zip file was incorrectly labeled.