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Archives: March 2006

• The J Stands For...Jellybean?
03.09.2006 Update by Cidolfas

I don't doubt I'll be excoriated for this by possibly one person, but what the heck: here's a review of Saber Marionette J. Hint: I didn't like it very much.

• Join Page Hiccup
03.09.2006 Update by Cless Alvein

Any e-mail sent to me reserving shrines from March 2nd on will be put on hold until further notice; we're currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Thanks for your patience!

• I'd check my watch but he just bit my arm off.
03.19.2006 Update by Orian

Ladies(presuming we have enough to use the plural form of the word) and germs, I'm proud to announce the addition of a timeline to The Mansion! This is the first in a series of updates during which I'll be attempting to add an encyclopedia of sorts. Consisting of in depth monster info, character info, item info, location info and so on and so forth. Enjoy y'all.

• New reviews.
03.24.2006 Update by Sephiroth Katana

Skankin' Garbage, a recurring contributor to our reader reviews, has been so good as to write two new reviews, of Lunar: Dragon Song and Shadow Hearts: Covenant, respectively. Furthermore, Valkyrie Esker has contributed a review of Wild ARMs 4.

To round this update off, I have also written a review of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.