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Archives: May 2006

• The Illusion of Tactics
05.05.2006 Update by Cidolfas

Some retro reviewy goodness, I've now inflicted my thoughts on Illusion of Gaia and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on the unsuspecting public. RPGC is not responsible for any unwanted effects this might have, like screaming, running around in circles, or crying for your mommy.

• The System is Up
05.06.2006 Update by Cless Alvein

Join page back up and fully functional. Happy shrining, everyone!

• Fanart
05.13.2006 Update by Walhalla

Yes, it's back. More to come in the following days (for realz >.>). Same place as usual.

• Merry May 17th
05.17.2006 Update by Mr. Saturn

From everyone at to everyone at home, we wish you a very Merry May 17th. We hope you have time to spend it with your family and friends, and invite you to join us, as always, in our message boards and chat room to celebrate the day with your friends here at RPGC.

• Pip pip Cheerio!
05.30.2006 Update by Rhaka

I say lads, wot's all this then? Why, this looks like a completed Secret of Mana shrine by RoguePaladinTrian! Splendid! James, some tea for our guest!

Edit by Cidolfas: Our readers don't quite realize how truly splendid this is - the SoM shrine has been cursed since the very first day RPGClassics started up. Congrats to RPT for his exorcism!

• A Black Ocean of Stars
05.31.2006 Update by Cidolfas

Yep, I'm back... this time we're serving up a delectable review of the anime Noir, and a retro-look at Star Ocean: The Second Story. I also lumped Golden Sun: The Lost Age with my current Golden Sun review when I realized that the two games were virtually identical. Viewer discretion is advised! ...Not for any real reason, but discretion is always nice.