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Archives: October 2006

• Yarr!
10.03.2006 Update by Cless Alvein

Everything's back in some semblance of order, and I promise to answer all 37 of your e-mails by Oct. 9th! Also, everyone's checkup timer will be reset, so don't worry about losing your shrine!

• Remakes and Sequels
10.06.2006 Update by Cidolfas

Behold, I command you to subject your eyes to the burning sensation that is MORE REVIEWS! Bwahahahah! First off we've got the fairly new Xenosaga Episode 3 (hint: it's much much better than the other two), and a retroview of Sword of Mana (hint: it's not that much better than the rest of the series). Nowwww... GO!

• Better slightly late than late
10.07.2006 Update by d Galloway

Well, the fanfiction archive has been updated, and only a week late this time! Tune in next month, when the update may actually get done on time!

• More of this.
10.08.2006 Update by Walhalla

Art, that is. I don't know what to write. Sin tells me I smell. Discuss.

Edit (October 26, 2006): Yes, fanart again. We need more real updates here. :P

• Some Halloween soundtrack reviews
10.30.2006 Update by Kero Hazel

Here are 4 "new" soundtrack reviews, actually by Dragon God (Shinryuu) and not myself. I'm not sure how, but I think I uploaded these reviews over a year ago and just never updated the section. Whoops! Anyway, the soundtracks he covers are American McGee's Alice, Border Down 1 and 2, and Raystorm Neu Tanz Mix. Enjoy them here.