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Archives: September 2006

• Tri-Update - Don't Cross the Dragon!
09.06.2006 Update by Cidolfas

It's been a while since my last review, but I made up for it with no less than three new offerings. First off is Dragon Quest VIII and a retro-review of Chrono Cross on the video game front, and Trigun on the anime side of things. Enjoy!

• Where in the World is... me?
09.08.2006 Update by Cless Alvein

If anyone's been wondering what happened to the join page and why it's so unresponsive, it's because I've been mauled by a bear having computer difficulties. It will be back up as soon as I can find a day to go through all your e-mails. Don't worry about losing your shrines from checkups, because everyone will get a clean, one-month slate starting from the day I clean up the administrative backlog. Thanks for your patience!

• Hi.
09.22.2006 Update by Walhalla

More art. Have a look at it. Yes, you!

It's hard to be creative in my way to announce the updates, you know. >.> Also, no, I don't think I'm funny by linking the dot.