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Archives: February 2007

• What's this? Another review?
02.04.2007 Update by Cidolfas

Yep, you can't go this long without me inflicting my views on you. This time it's an overdue Final Fantasy XII blurb. Go look-see.

• And more reviews still.
02.07.2007 Update by Sephiroth Katana

A fellow named Dinoracha has written a review of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Also, I have reviewed the GBA remakes of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI.

• Looks like the main page is stuffed with people staffed..
02.17.2007 Update by Mabatsekker

Hi! I'm Mabatsekker, Finnish Blue Mage Superhero Extraordinaire. I've been a regular visitor and a pain in Rhaka's/TD's/RPGDragon's/that crazy Dutch guy's rear for quite a long time and had the Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara shrine under my caring supervision for five looong years.

Well, today, IT'S BEEN DONE. Go have a looksee in the arcade shrines (or just click the link). And if you've got anything at all you want to ask me about the fine piece of Capcom gaming, go ahead! Claudius, my staff!