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Archives: January 2007

• FFCompendium - remember that?
01.01.2007 Update by Cidolfas

Well, the Final Fantasy Compendium is still technically a subsite of RPGC (heh, find another subsite with close to a million hits a month) and I thought I'd kick in some variety on the front page by pointing you to the fact that we now have a great big FF12 update. Mosey on down and check it out, but beware of spoilers!

• Cue the trumpeteers
01.06.2007 Update by RoguePaladinTrian

Howdy. It's been a little while since this type of news, but take note that longtime visitor and now new staff member Dragon Tear has seen fit to build an impressive shrine for Final Fantasy VIII. Welcome, Dragon Tear!

• New shrine
01.10.2007 Update by Dammit9x

Somebody nice has finally moved my Dragon Crystal shrine to the main page. I am taking the liberty of announcing it here, myself. Can I do that? I guess so.

• Join page switchamaroo.
01.16.2007 Update by RoguePaladinTrian

I gave myself the Join Page for my birthday, so if you want to get workin' on a shrine (and you know you want to), make sure to send all correspondence my way.

Important Update: my email is a bit unreliable at the moment. You're better off signing up on our forums and sending me a private message until further notice. Further notice.

• Shrine!
01.26.2007 Update by RoguePaladinTrian

Today we gladly present a shrine for Mega Man Legends 2 built by a new member of the staff, Magma. Welcome, Magma!

• Double Shrine!
01.27.2007 Update by RoguePaladinTrian

Another day, another shrine. We seem to have a Megaman theme going lately, as today we add a shrine for Megaman X: Command Mission for the Gamecube/PS2. Also, welcome to the site its creator, Zero_Cass.

• Late Fanart!
01.28.2007 Update by Walhalla

Take a look at it here. Laptop repairs delayed my updates, so there will be more coming soon fortunately (yes >:E).

• A Chain of Memories I'd like to forget!
01.31.2007 Update by Orian

'lo all. It's your unfriendly, neighborhood Orian here delivering a long over due, long finished shrine. Here's the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories shrine i finished over a year ago, but due to my stubborn nature, a hatred for the game I developed over my time shrining it and my starting game design at college... it got put on the back burner. However, after tonight I finally have a break in classes as our industry presentations are tonight and after this we don't have much work left 'till we're done the program in late February. So, expect an update or two to my Resident Evil subsite The Mansion and perhaps a Sekkrit Projekt I was working on before I started school again. Enjoy the shrine and wish me luck... as in about six hours I'll be presenting my game to about 40-60 people from the local gaming industry... and I'm nervous as hell.