Replay of the Month Report

Everything went peaceful for a while, but at approximately 3:00 into the game, Green_Mage's two Marines chased one of Vorpy's Marines off of the bridge that was connecting the two bases. Vorpy's Marine retreated and three more healthy ones took its place. Green_Mage's Marines now retreated and finished off the Marines chasing it with its buddies. At around 4:30, everyone was sending out scouts and Green_Mage built up a healthy amount of Marines. At 6:00 Green_Mage went across the bridge and, routing around the norther unguarded path, went behind Vorpy's mineral patches and decimated his workers.

Green_Mage's Marines kill off most of Vorpy's workers through a back path

At 6:30 RPGC_Sinistral's Zealots came in and double teamed Vorpy's two Bunkers. The SCVs surrounding the Bunkers were fast-repairing enough to kill off all the Zealots plus all of Green_Mage's Marines with few casulties.

The northern, and most heavily attacked Bunker was at times very close to destruction, but the SCVs were fast.

The Bunker, at times, was very close to destruction

By 7:00 the attack was over and Vorpy moves back his floating buildings to recover. Unfortunately Green_Mage allows no time for recovery and at 8:00 sends in another wave of Marines and Medics. A Machine Shop is destroyed and the Factory forced to retreat. Green_Mage routes his Marines north once again and waits. At 9:40 a tripe-pronged attack is forced on Vorpy, with RPGC_Sinistral's 8 Zealots coming in from the east, and two waves of Green_Mage's Marines from the north. The base is demolished and Vorpy pulls his remaining Command Center and Barracks south, while starting another Command Center in his ally, Mazzina's base.

Vorpy is forced to retreat south

RPGC_Sinistral now has by now a fledgling expansion to the northeast, Mazzina an expansion in the center south, and Ackbar has the one in the southwest corner set up for a little while now. The whole northern half of the map now belongs to RPGC_Sinistral's team, and RPGC_Sinistral can now set up an expansion to the northeast, without protection even.

At 11:30 Mazzina launches a small assault against SGMusico's base. SGMusico, however, has the advantage of high ground and RPGC_Sinistral's help, and so easily fends off the attack.

SGMusico fends off Mazzina's attack from high ground

RPGC_Sinistral sends some Zealots and Dark Templars along the eastern edge, and works his way south. SGMusico brings his Drones to just north of his main base in the center of the map for an expansion.

At 13:00 a battle occurs when Ackbar spies RPGC_Sinistral's forces moving near his face and sends Zealots and Dragoons to destroy it. He manages it with the help of some reinforcements and retreats to his base.

Ackbar's Zealots and Dragoons engage RPGC_Sinistral's Dark Templar and Zealots

At 14:00 SGMusico's long impressive line of Hydralisks move along the eastern coast once again, to claim the southeastern corner to launch an attack. Ackbar, however, has his Observers there and spies SGMusico's Hydralisks coming, and notices they don't have an Overlord with them. Seizing this opportunity, Ackbar sends all the Dark Templar he has directly east of his base and destroys almost half of the Hydralisks before they have a chance to attack. SGMusico sends his remaining Hydralisks to Ackbar's base and got a few of Ackbar's units before dying from Mazzina's support.

Ackbar takes advantage of the Hydralisks without Overlord detection

RPGC_Sinistral sneaks in a Shuttle with a Reaver, Dark Templar and a High Templar onto a ledge just northwest of Mazzina's Mutalisks. He then lures the Mutalisks over with his Shuttle, and the High Templar grabbed this opportunity to Psi Storm the Mutalisks twice. The Storms killed few, but damaged almost all of the Mutalisks. The Reaver and the High Templar are now gone. The Dark Templar survives because he is undetected.

RPGC_Sinistral casts Psi Storm a few times on Mazzina's Mutalisks, damaging them

Green_Mage by now has send a force of a Science Vessel, some Marines and Medics, and a couple of Siege Tanks down south at 15:30, and encounters Vorpy's Command Center and Mazzina's expansion. He got the workers and the Hatchery down to 400 health before falling before Ackbar's ground forces and Mazzina's Mutalisks. The Science Vessel escapes, but had it posessed Irradiate, would have done a lot of damage to Mazzina's closely clustered Mutalisks.

Green_Mage almost destroys Mazzina's expansion

SGMusico gathered an impressive amount of Lurkers and Burrowed them at the ramp leading up to his main base at 17:00. Mazzina gathers his force of Hydralisks and Mutalisks at where Vorpy's base used to be, and prepares to launch an attack. However, it is no longer surprise as just when his forces arrive, one of RPGC_Sinistral's Probes arrives and spots them. The Probe was fired upon by about 12 Mutalisks and 12 Hydralisks at the same time, and we mourn for its death :P

Poor Probe!

At 17:40 Mazzina waits no longer and sends his Mutalisks forth to get rid of a Siege Tank. He then pulls them back and attacks with both forces at the same time. However, the bridge is too narrow and the Marines plus that one Tank got rid of quite a few of his units before caving. At 18:00 Mazzina's remaining forces rush across the bridge but are immediately eliminated by RPGC_Sinistral's Reavers, Archons and Dark Templars that come to the aid of Green_Mage.

Mazzina's force finally falls to Marine and Reaver fire

At 18:30 SGMusico sends another line of Hydralisks south of his base to come upon Mazzina's expansion, and destroys it.

Mazzina's Mutalisks come too late

Mazzina's Mutalisks arrive but retreat as RPGC_Sinistral comes once again. The Mutalisks and Ackbar's newly arrived Corsairs chase after the Shuttles and bring most of them down. RPGC_Sinistral's forces, without Shuttles, eventually fall to Mazzina's Mutalisks and Guardians, but not before taking a bit out of their hit points with Psi Storms.

Mazzina's newly acquired Guardians move north and at 20:20 attack SGMusico's base, demolishing its southern coast. Mazzina's Guardians and Mutalisks were having a field day over SGMusico's now defenseless base, until Green_Mage brings in a pair of Valkyries to deal with the Guardians and Mutalisks. Mazzina's forces are quickly eliminated under Valkyrie fire and Ackbar brings a pair of Corsairs over. However, they did one damage per shot against the heavily armored Valkyries, and at 21:45 the battle was over.

The Guardians and Mutalisks were doing good...

Until the pair of Valkyries came

Mazzina by now sets up double expansions north and northeast of his main base. A long line of Sinistral's Probes move south and get ready for an expansion in the center east of the map.

RPGC_Sinistral prepares for an expansion

Ackbar's three loaded Shuttles head north for SGMusico's crippled base, but fly right into the missiles of the Valkyires, and of the Reavers and Dark Templars he brought along, only one long Dark Templar was dispatched and slowly hacks at SGMusico's Lair for a while.

RPGC_Sinistral at 20:15 released a drop of Reavers, Dark Templar and High Templar on one of Mazzina's expansions, the northern one, and kills it quickly. Vorpy, now back in the game, has a few Siege Tanks guarding Mazzina's southern expansion and fends off a pair of straying Dark Templar.

RPGC_Sinistral now loads up his Shuttles and flies southeast, and Mazzina's Mutalisks give chase. A few seconds later, the Shuttles land and drop its contents, and 4 High Templar start casting Psi Storm on the Mutalisks, and the Mutalisks fall. RPGC_Sinistral loads up his Shuttles once again and flies southwest to ruin Ackbar's expansion while Green_Mage is Mazzina of some of his Overlords and Mutalisks with his Valkyries at 24:40.

Mazzina's Mutalisks eventually fall to Psionic Storm

Ackbar's Corsairs engages the Valkyires once again, but because of the armor, once again fails. Ackbar almost killed a Valkyrie, bringing it down to 2 hit points. Next time, Ackbar, you WILL bring one down! GO CORSAIR POWER!!! ... Sorry. Anyway, Green_Mage retreats his Valkyries to SGMusico's base, now loaded with Overlords and Scourge.

RPGC_Sinistral's forces are still at the southeastern corner and Ackbar made an assault on them, but failed under heavy Reaver fire. Ackbar got two Reavers, but they focused their attack on a Dragoon while Sinistral's three destroyed them. Sinistral's Reavers now siege Ackbar's base and relives him of two more Reavers, but this time Ackbar's Reavers took down one of RPGC_Sinistral's Reavers and also a few of his Dark Templar. Mazzina sent in a few Guardians which perished under Psi Storm.

At 27:00 RPGC_Sinistral is still sieging Ackbar's now half-ruined base and Mazzina brings in more Guardian reinforcements. All Dark Templars except two fall to Guardians and that's when Ackbar's Probes attacked!

RPGC_Sinistral uses Reavers to destroy Ackbar's Photon Cannons

The Probes swarmed on the pair of Dark Templar and almost killed one. Sinistral retreats his forces at 28:15 and flies back north. By now SGMusico has again a respectable force of Queens and Hydralisks.

SGMusico's new force

At 29:15 Green_Mage's Valkyries went deep into Mazzina's main base and crippled his Overlords, eliminated Ackbar's Corsair group once again, and then killed all but two of Mazzina's Overlord, finally falling to Vorpy's Goliath and Mazzina's Hydralisks. SGMusico has some fun Broodling Vorpy's Siege Tanks.

The Overlords and Corsairs fall to Valkyrie fire

RPGC_Sinistral, at 30:00 launched another assault on Ackbar's base from the north side, and destroys his force of Dark Templars.

RPGC_Sinistral's forces en route

Ackbar is now REALLY defenseless, unless you count his Probes, one Reaver and one Dragoon. The Reavers and Dark Templar run amok in Ackbar's base and destroy most of the structures, but then suddenly retreat. Ackbar finds a Dark Templar left, and uses it to take a swipe at one of RPGC_Sinistral's Dark Templar before retreating to his base again. RPGC_Sinistral holds his units at the northern end of Ackbar's base, and after a brief Dark Templar fight, Ackbar gets the upper hand and forces RPGC_Sinistral's forces to retreat to Shuttles at 32:30.

Meanwhile, Mazzina moves his forces north...

And his forces are just out of the viewing range of SGMusico's Lurkers, creating a sort of stalemate

And Green_Mage wasn't idle during this time...

At 34:00 Ackbar sends his Corsairs to SGMusico's main base and are kill two Queens. After that they're destroyed rather quickly by Scourge and Spore Colonies while chasing down a Queen.

SGMusico's forces chase after Mazzina's Mutalisks

While Green_Mage cannot push any further with his attack

RPGC_Sinistral sets up an expansion south of his former expansion and moves Shuttles loaded with units once again down south through the eastern path. SGMusico sends four Hydralisks to chase down one of Mazzina's, but are killed instantly by Lurkers hiding south of his base. SGMusico destroys one of Vorpy's Factories along with the Machine Shop.

Mazzina baits and eliminates some of SGMusico's Hydralisks

Ackbar's Corsairs at 36:00 chase down and destroy most of RPGC_Sinistral's Shuttles and one lone Dark Templar starts hacking away at RPGC_Sinistral's Observerless force. However, one arrives, but not before Ackbar kills off all of RPGC_Sinistral's Reavers. Ackbar is now defending his base with his High and Dark Templars, and actually eliminates most of RPGC_Sinistral's forces again. Ackbar posessed the advantage of an Observer, but a few more of his buildings fell.

Mazzina engages SGMusico's forces openly...

But there were too few Hydralisks

Vorpy at 38:00 makes a bold move and attacks and destroys one of Sinistral's expansions. Dark Templars eliminate the attacking force and the Probes scatter to either of Sinistral's remaining bases. Sinistral rebuilds his lost expansion quickly and SGMusico's Hydralisks are on the move once again at 39:30. They destroy Mazzina's Lurker and Hydralisk forces south of his base, while Ackbar and RPGC_Sinistral are once again fighting, but this time Ackbar gets a bit in the offensive and attacks Sinistral's southernmost expansion. Sinistral immediately rebuilts them.

Ackbar sets up an expansion

And goes on the offensive

Which he shouldn't have done

At 40:50, a "Nuclear Launch Detected" is heard and we see that Green_Mage is preparing to Nuke and Siege Vorpy's base west of Mazzina's main base. The Nuke drops, crippling most of Vorpy's buildings there, but all of his 6 Ghosts were lost in the blast, plus a few of his Valkyries.

Green_Mage pulls off a successful Nuke

But some of his units were too close

At 41:30 he makes a move and engages Vorpy's floating buildings with his Valkyries. The ploy works and Vorpy's buildings are destroyed.

Vorpy's buildings are destroyed by Valkyries

Vorpy surrenders at 42:30, and SGMusico starts another expansion. Ackbar by now also has another expansion and is mining from it. Sinistral and Green_Mage launch a double sided attack against Mazzina and kill off most of his Hydralisks at 43:30. RPGC_Sinistral's Zealots move south again and destroy Mazzina's expansion. Moving west, they attack Mazzina's main base once again, with Ackbar's Dark Templars just behind. Ackbar kills off RPGC_Sinistral's Dark Templars and move them eventually back to his base. Ackbar uses those Dark Templars to fend off one of Green_Mage's attacks at 45:30.

Mazzina's base lies in ruins

But not completely defenseless

Unlike his other base

But Ackbar lends a hand at his main

SGMusico's Queen and Hydralisks plus Green_Mage's Marines, Goliaths and Valkyries gather just northeast of Mazzina's expansion and prepares for a final assault.

The preparation

The Valkyries move in and deprive Mazzina of his only Ovelord, and his supply is not at 2. The forces move in at 47:00 and demolish Mazzina's base. Mazzina surrenders at 47:50 and Ackbar is now the only surviving member of their team.

Mazzina finally falls to Hydralisks and Marines

RPGC_Sinistral quickly destroys Ackbar's southeastern expansion with a large force of Reavers and Archons, and move west to sweep across his main base at 48:30.

RPGC_Sinistral's forces at Ackbar's expansion

They move west

SGMusico lends his Hydralisks and the base is demolished in a matter of seconds. Ackbar surrenders at 49:10 and the replay is over.

And that's the end of any other opposing forces