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This game is the evil predessecor to the well known Legend of the Super Saiyan. If you don't like that game then you sure as hell won't like this one. This game follows the storyline from the beginning of Dragonball Z up through the Saiyan Saga. Good RPG with a unique battle system, but that's about it. I'd only recommend this to hardcore DBZ or RPG fans.

New things in version 1.00/1.01: Rewritten scripts (hella better read); Huffman compression (didn't have to shave even one letter off the scripts after the rewriting/editing was finished!); The text windows now hold twice the amount of text as before; The two previously "unfixable" bugs are fixed; And a kick-ass title screen made specifically for this patch (thanks Elf).

Everything that was either busted in version 1.00 or that I wanted to implement (the credits) is fixed and implemented. Please note that the save function does save, but you'll need not in FCEU emulators. The save function works on FWNES, however.

Version 1.01 Patch
ASM Source Code


Version 1.00/1.01
Main Hacker/Programmer:RedComet
Main Translator:Mukimuki
Title Screen:Elf

Version 0.99
Main Hacker:RedComet
Main Translator:Mukimuki
Script Editing:RougePaladin Trian
Script Editing:Vorpy