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This game is a neat little DBZ RPG that was made for the Famicom. Unlike most RPGs, this one uses cards to allow the player to move across a map (only this time the map doesn't have all the parallel and perpendicular lines like the past DBZ RPGs) and to do battle with. Anyway, this game has nothing what so ever to do with the storyline of the anime and manga - hence the name Gaiden (side story).

This got the works: huffman compression up the whazoo and other ASM mods. There's two patches available: one patch will allow you to control Vegeta, while the other allows the CPU to (as it does it the Japanese version). Be sure to check it out!

Version 1.00 Patch
ASM Source Code


Main Hacker:Crotanks
Main Programmer:RedComet
Main Translator:D.D.S.
Title Screen:Elf