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Beta Bosses

Harder yet than the Alpha bosses, Beta bosses roam freely in an area, so save before you try and find one. There is less concrete advice to defeating these.
Defeating each of these Navis will finally open that Navi's security door in Cyberworld.


HP: 700
Attacks: Neon Light (60 dmg), Spark Arm (90 dmg), Flashlights
Weak against: Wood

This time he doesn't use Neon Light much, but he will use the Spark Arm & AreaGrab combo and the Flashlights a lot more. The Flashlights also go off faster. Use the Barrier chips to negate this and use your most powerful wood chips.
Prizes: FlashManV3 F

GutsManß (also known as CopyMan)
HP: 900
Attacks: Shockwave (100 dmg), GutsPunch (150 dmg), GutsHammer (100 dmg), Z-Punch (150 dmg per hit)
Weakness: -

Harder than the previous two versions out together. GutsPunch is now a projectile attack that flies across the entire row. He'll also use this attack more often than he does Shockwave. The Z-Punch makes him temporarily invincible and sends him chasing off after you, punching as he goes, so don't stop moving when he uses this. Bring some Invis chips to counter it. Stun him using ZapRing or FlashMan chips so you can hit him with the more powerful ones, and use the best Program Advances you can afford.

Prizes: GutsMan V3 G

HP: 900
Attacks: Beast Ray (60 dmg), Jumping Claw (60 dmg), Wild Rush (60 dmg)
Weak against: Swords

He's a lot faster than previously, and this time Willd Rush is done four times in a row. Bring some Mines. If you're lucky enough to be using a Heat Style, use LavaStge to damage him continuously. Muramasa is a good sword to bring, and LifeSwrd a good Program Advance to use.

Prizes: BeastManV4 B

HP: 1200
Attacks: Bubble Parade (120 dmg), Aqua Shot (150 dmg), Fish Missile (120 dmg), Fiddler Crab (120 dmg), Mine (120 dmg)
Weak against: Electric

Preset some healing chips before you start this battle. Use any electric chips you have (FlashMan V1-3 are good here). Don'y bring the ElecSwrd because it won't reach him. Use chips that go over his projectiles to attack him, like BlkBomb.

Prizes: BubbleManV3 B

HP: 1500
Attacks:  Knight (150 dmg), Pawn (100 dmg), Checkmate (150 dmg), Plan-B
Weakness: -

The Knight in this version is faster, and much harder to dodge. Don't destroy the pawns and knight, because if you do he's implement both Plan Bs, leaving you with a column and two Knights after you, which isn't pretty. Wait until you have a shot between the pawns and use powerful chips like M-Cannon to shoot him down.

Prizes: KingManV3 K

HP: 1200
Attacks: Metal Wheel (80 dmg), Metal Missile (80 dmg), Metal Fist (160 dmg)
Weakness: -

No great changes. Just more HP and more powerful attacks.Use Boomer3s and Invis chips to attack him and protect yourself, and use Program Advances to bring him down faster.

Prizes: MetalManV3 M

HP: 1600
Attacks: Lion Head (120 dmg), Arijigoku (120 dmg), Heavy Sand (180 dmg)
Weak against: Water

Similar to MetalMan in that nothing has changed except HP and attack damage. The
Arijigoku is used earlier than before (again). Use the same tactics you used on the last version and you should be fine. Don't forget to stock up on water chips!

Prizes: DesertManV3 D

HP: 1700
Attacks: Rose Needle (120 dmg), Plant Weed (40 dmg)
Weak against: Fire

Uronically this Navi will get easier as you fight higher versions. By this time you should have a lot of high-power Fire chips. Rose Needle is used a lot more in this battle, and Plant Weed is faster. Pump him full of Fire chips and program Advances and he should die quickly.

Prizes: PlantManV3 P

HP: 1700
Attacks: Fire Blaze (150 dmg), Chaos Flame (150 dmg)

Same attacks, more HP. Fire Blaze keeps the same expanding-fire version  as Alpha, so remember to dodge up or down and next to it as it goes off. Take the candles out as soon s they're lit (Boomer chips still works well for this), You should have much better water chips and PAs by this time, so use them.

Prizes: FlamManV3 F

HP:  1700
Attacks:  Gatling Pin (120 dmg), Bowling Bomber (120 dmg), Tower Bowl (120 dmg)
Weak against: -

This time Gatling Pin goes really fast, so bring (and preset if you want) some Invis chips to avoid this. He uses Tower Bowl a lot sooner than before and Bowling Bomber. If you have the PA BodyGuard, use it. CrsShld chips are a must here, and bring plenty of recover chips.

Prizes: BowlManV3 B

HP: 1600
Attacks: Demon Tackle (120 dmg), Misty Poison Smoke (120 dmg total), Soul Gengar (80 dmg)
Weak against: -

Use AreaGrab chips as soon as you can to give yourself more room. Bring chips that go over or around the attacks head like Ratton3, ProtoMan and PlantMan will all work well here. Progrsm Advances will be less useful, as often something will be between you and the lamp.

Prize: MistmanV3 M

HP: 1200
Attacks: Drill Drive (160 dmg), Panel Crusher (160 dmg), Triple Hole (160 dmg per
Weak against: -

Very, very fast. BrakChrg is a must in this battle, so go and get it if you don't have it already. If you have very good timing, use the 2xHero program Advance when he's using his Triple Hole attack. This battle is hard, and mostly comes down to how good you are at timing. Be prepared to spend a long time on this guy.

Prizes: DrillManV3 D
HP: 1600
Attacks: Sonic Boom (200 dmg), WideSwrd (200 dmg), Fighter Sword (200 dmg), Surprise Sword (200 dmg), Delta Ray Edge (200 dmg), Shield.
Weak against: -

Guh. He's faster and more annoying this time. He'll use Sonic Booms followed by Fighter Sword, so place a Pawn as fast as you can. PlantMan plus Program Advances will do you a lot more good in this battle. If you like bring a LavaStge, since he'll step on all of his panels that's a lot of damage it'll do.

Prizes: ProtoManV3 B
HP: 1600
Attacks: Mad Roller (100 dmg), Shield and Chain (100 dmg), Double-Go-Round (100 dmg)
Weakness: -

Quite disappointing really. use the same attacks as last time. Here's an easy way to do it. Make sure you have three AreaGrab chips, A Rook, Two Sensor3's, and some recovery chips. As soon as you can, lay down two AreaGrabs to trap him in the last row. When he's not in the bottommost row, use the last AreaGrab to trap him in a single space. Then lay a Sensor3 in the space diagonally below and left of him. Now watch him die slowly as Sensor3 attacks him, he recovers, and Sensor3 attacks him again. The Rook is only for if the Sensor dies, in which case lay another. That's it. He'll die fast.

Prizes: Zenny
HP: 1800
Attacks:  Flame Tower (200 dmg), Killer's Beam (200 dmg), Ice Wave (200 dmg),
Dark Shadow (200 dmg), Black Wing (100 dmg)
Weakness: -

Slightly faster than before. Bring a few AreaGrab chips to give yourself more room to dodge in, and use mostly non-elemental chips to avoid any resistances he might use against them. Use Program Advances, PlantMan chips, and RollV3 to damage him.

Prize: DarkManV3 D
HP: 2000
Attacks: Thousand Spear (200 dmg), Spinning Reflect (250 dmg) Straight
Spear (250 dmg), Backup (200 dmg)
Weakness: -

Same moves as V2, but much stronger. Watch out for the everr-annoying Backup move. Use a lot of Program Advances if you have them (2xHero is good), and PlantMan and Roll chips, and anything else that homes in, like Ratton3.

Prize: JapanManV2 J

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