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Omega Bosses

These are the ultimate enemies you will face in the game. Since you have to go through three battles with Omega Viruses before you face them, you'll almost certainly be damaged. Always, always preset one for two healing chips. Luck plays a great part in defeating these guys, so what I'm saying here are only some rough guidelines to effective chips.


HP: 1500
Attacks: Neon Light (100 dmg), Spark Arm (150 dmg), Flashlights
Weak against: Wood

Faster and he uses his Spark Arm and Flashlights more often. Any high-level Wood-based chip will do well in this battle, so bring those, some healing, and of course, PlantManV3/, RollV3 and ProtoMan.
Prizes: FlashManV5 F

HP: 2000
Attacks: Shockwave (200 dmg), GutsPunch (300 dmg), GutsHammer (200 dmg), Z-Punch (300 dmg per hit)
Weakness: -

He doesn't move fast but he hurts you a lot. The same attacks as Beta, so bring Invis chips for when he uses Z-Punch, and use ZapRing or FlashMan chips to stun him before you use any Program Advances.

Prizes: GutsMan V5 G

HP: 1600
Attacks: Beast Ray (120 dmg), Jumping Claw (120 dmg), Wild Rush (140 dmg)
Weak against: Swords

Wild Rush and Jumping Claw are used a lot earlier here.
AreaGrab twice as soon as you can to severely limit his movements, then hammer away with your best Sword chips and Program Advances to take himout with less bother.

Prizes: BeastManV5 B

HP: 1800
Attacks: Bubble Parade (200 dmg), Aqua Shot (200 dmg), Fish Missile (200 dmg), Fiddler Crab (200 dmg), Mine (200 dmg)
Weak against: Electric

Hard. The Bubble Parade will make more bubbles and faster than before. Use the most powerful electric attacks you have, and bring healing and BlkBombs. Make sure nothing is in front of him before you use ProtoMan or Roll chips. Use the BodyGuard PA is you have it, and 2xHero is always useful.

Prizes: BubbleManV5 B

HP: 2000
Attacks:  Knight (300 dmg), Pawn (200 dmg), Checkmate (300 dmg), Plan-B
Weakness: -

Very powerful this time around. Remember to watch for the flashing yellow panel where the Knight is going to land, and bring some Invis chips to dodge them. BodyGuard and 2xHero are good PAs to use when you see an opening. ANy chip that passes through the pawns to hit him is useful.

Prizes: KingManV5 K

HP: 1700
Attacks: Metal Wheel (120 dmg), Metal Missile (120 dmg), Metal Fist (240 dmg)
Weakness: -

No new attacks, so little change in strategy is needed. Bring Boomer chips, ProtoMan, PlantMan, FlamMan, your best PAs etc to hit him, and destroy those gears using BrakChrg.

Prizes: MetalManV5 M

HP: 2000
Attacks: Lion Head (200 dmg), Arijigoku (200 dmg), Heavy Sand (300 dmg)
Weak against: Water

Same attacks, more power. Heavy Sand is used a lot earlier in the battle, and does a lot more damage, so bring some Aura chips to negate this. Lion Head is faster now, so bring a lot of Water chips. BublShot is good if there is a statue in front of him, since it will also splash behind the target to cause damage.

Prizes: DesertManV5 D

HP: 2100
Attacks: Rose Needle (200 dmg), Plant Weed (60 dmg)
Weak against: Fire

AreaGrab twice as soon as you can. Bring the FlamMan chips i you;ve already defeated a version of him, and other powerful Fire chips like the BlkBombs, LavaCans, and FireSwrd. There is a Program Advance called HeatSprd that works very well here.

Prizes: PlantManV5 P

HP: 2400
Attacks: Fire Blaze (200 dmg), Chaos Flame (200 dmg)

Very fast in this version. The Candles light faster, but Boomer still works well. Bring BubbleMan chips and anything else Water-based you can find. AreaGrab & AquaSwrd will take off quite a bit of damage here. The PA BubSprd, 2xHero and Bodyguard work well.

Prizes: FlamManV5 F

HP:  2000
Attacks:  Gatling Pin (200 dmg), Bowling Bomber (200 dmg), Tower Bowl 1(200 dmg)
Weak against: -

Much faster. Again. Bring Invis and Shadow to dodge the Gatling Pin attack, since it's by now far to fast to dodge them effectively. Onc he's finished with that, use PAs like 2xHero, EvilCut, BodyGuard etc. The PrixPower PA also works well. CrsShlds are still useful for deflecting his attacks back at him and causing damage.

Prizes: BowlManV5 B

HP: 2000
Attacks: Demon Tackle (200 dmg), Misty Poison Smoke (20 dmg total this time), Soul Gengar (200 dmg)
Weak against: ?

AreaGrab as usual. Invis chips will negate the Soul Gengar, so bring some of those. Good PAs like 2xHero and EvilCut will do good damage. The biggest program here will be the Misty Poison Smoke, but if you survive that he's not as difficult as the others.

Prize: MistmanV5 M

HP: 1200
Attacks: Drill Drive (160 dmg), Panel Crusher (160 dmg), Triple Hole (160 dmg per
Weak against: -

Very fast and hard to hit. The attacks from Triple Hole come out a lot faster than before. Again, BrakChrg is a must here. Use Invis chips to dodge his worst attacks, then hit him with PAs when he's using Triple Hole to bring him down as fast as you can.

Prizes: DrillManV5 D
HP: 2000
Attacks: Sonic Boom (300 dmg), WideSwrd (300 dmg), Fighter Sword (300 dmg), Surprise Sword (300 dmg), Shield.
Weak against: -

He moves very fast this time, and all attacks are very powerful. bring powerful healing chips and Invis (Shadow is useless, since all his attacks are sword-based). Use PlantMan and FlashMan to hold him still, then quickly use your most powerful Program Advances while he can't move, or you may die very, very fast.

Prizes: ProtoManV5 B
HP: 2000
Attacks:  Flame Tower (300 dmg), Killer's Beam (300 dmg), Ice Wave (300 dmg),
Dark Shadow (250 dmg), Black Wing (150 dmg)
Weakness: -

Nothing changes for this guy except power. As usual, change back to Normal style to avoid being weak against his attacks. Use Invis chips to dodge the bats, or AreaGrabs if you just want to dodge them. Actually, bring AreaGrabs anyway, since you can get close and use swords. As usual, use 2xHero, BodyGuard, Plantman etc to seriously hurt him.

Prize: DarkManV5 D
HP: 2200
Attacks: Thousand Spear (200 dmg), Spinning Reflect (300 dmg) Straight
Spear (300 dmg), Backup (200 dmg)
Weakness: -

Again with the no-changing. Use the same chips as for Beta and beware of the Backup. Use AreaGrab if you start hurting for space. The normal Program Advances are useful.

Prize: JapanManV5 J
HP: 2600
Attacks:  Sonic Boom (150 dmg), Saint Light (150 dmg), Holy Shock (150 dmg)
Weakness: -

He's a little faster in this version, as is Saint Light. Remember to only attack him when he's doing Holy Shock. This is probably going to be a really long fight, so don't forget to bring FoldrBak.

Prizes: Zenny
HP: 3000 Aura: 200
Aura: 100
Attacks:  Explosion (300 dmg per hit), Earth Breaker (300 dmg), Gospel
Cannon (300 dmg), Shooting Claw (300 dmg), Banishing World (500 dmg)

Ouch. He's a lot faster and more powerful. All of his attacks are from BassGS, so you've seen them all before. Pack the maximum amount of NrthWind chips you can find, and bring LifeAura and Snctury for making yourself invincible, as well as FoldrBak. AFter getting rid of the aura, use FlashMan/PlantMan to hold him still, and use the 2xHero, PoisPhar, BodyGuard and EvilCut PAs to damage him. Bring a couple of Auras as well, and if you can, the 500Barr PA.

Prizes: BassGS

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