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I will resist any heat-based jokes. Well, most of them.

After the scene, get to SciLab and talk to the friendly hobo and then to go the virus lab
Stop talking to your computer. Watch the scene, meet Match, and then jack in somewhere and get to Yoka 2
Tip. An easy way to access to Yoka is to go to Tamako outside of the Inn and netbattle with her to get her code. Beat her once to get MetalMan M card, and do it again to get MetalMan M V2 and her code to get past the security block.
Just before the warp to Yoka Square, take the orange path and then go down the right small walkway to reach the purple Navi.
Go back and take the left small walkway all the way around and up to find the other Navi.
You'll get a mail from Match telling you of more evil navi's, so get to the Beach area.

The first enemy can be found on your way to Beach Square. he's waiting right next to the warp point.
Now go back to the start and go to Beach 1. Take the sliding pathways left then right then go up and fight/

Go left and catch the walkway you were just on, then head down the stairs and keep going down and right until you reach the warp. The Navi is above the warp point. Read the mail after you kill him, and head to SciLab 1.
Get onto the upper level of SciLab 1 by going under the green archway in SciLab 2 and heading down and left. Follow the yellow path all the way around to reach the large area and the Navi. Listen to his dying gasps and then watch the drama.

Get to ACDC Square, then go right from the warp and talk to the orange Navi in front of the twin boards. Watch Lan be an idiot, and then jack out.
Go to the hospital and talk to Mamoru on the 2nd floor. You'll talk to Match as you try to leave, so head to SciLab's Virus Lab.

Jack in after getting the FireData from Match and jack in. Go to the upper level of SciLab 1. Talk to the program above and left of you as you walk in (pictured). Jack out and talk to Match again.
Go out of the Lab and down. Talk to Match to get the HeatData, and jack into the vending machine. Talk to the program on the left. Jack out and talk to Match.

Go upstairs and talk to Match. Get the FlamData from him and jack in. Go right and give the data to the program. Jack out, talk to Match. you'll get a LavaStge T. Go home.
Lan, you are a moron. Go to SciLab and talk to the man blocking you and trade insults with Match. Read the mail and then head to your home and jack in.

Remember the trick using the Fire chips and the EngyChrg? Well, it's time for that again, only this time with water chips. Equip 'Fish' to attract aqua viruses, and let's get to putting those fires out!
The first one is below and right of you as you enter ACDC 1.
The second is right on your way to ACDC 2. You can't miss it.
First right turn and follow the path.
Second one is on yai's HP
Third is on your way to ADCD 3, just to the left before you go there.

First go left and then all the way down towards the dead end, and the fire is there.
Second is down the stairs and then right along the purple path.
Third is all the way to the right of the level. Go past the squirrel statue to find it.
For the last, follow the path to the Cyberstation, and the fire is along the path that way.
Get the call, and then take the Cyberstation to Yoka.
Yoka 2:
First, go all the way up until you reach the T-junction with the small paths, and take the small walkway to reach the first fiire.
Second, go and take the other small walkway, and the fire is directly in your path as you leave it.
Third, go back and up the stairs at the start of the area and follow the blue path until you see it near the exit.

Yoka 1:
First, use the lower exit from Yoka 2 (by going across the small walkways), and it's right in your path. Can't miss it.
Second is reached by using the upper exit of Yoka 2 (by going up the stairs and following the blue path) turn before you reach the water cooler and go then past the  purple barrier, and the fire is on the green platform.
Third is found by following the blue path all the way, across the small walkway, and then going to where you fought BubbleMan (just follow the small walkways), and it's there.
Answer the phone and head to SciLab.
SciLab 2:
First go up the stairs and move around to behind the counter to reach the fire.
Second; go down the big green platform and you'll see the fire at a dead end.
Third; go back and through the lower green gate. Take the arrow floor and it's right there.

SciLab 1:
First go down (entering from the upper level of SciLab2) and it's right below you.
Second, follow the yellow path all the way and then go left at the uppermost t-junction and there it is.
Third; take the entrance to SciLab 1 from the station (not going up the stairs) and follow the path to the big platform and the fire.
You'll get a phone call, and so you must head for the Beach area.
Beach 2:
First, follow the orange path all the way and then go down the stairs. Go right and the fire is there blocking the small path.
Second, from the bottom of the same stairs, follow the purple path down, and then head left past the barrier to find it.
Third, go across the thin bridge and through the warp, and the fire is above the red warp point leading to the Square.

Beach 1:
First, take the right sliding walkways. Use the teleport and the fire is in front of you.
Second, head back to the start. take the left slider and go down the stairs and go around your left to reach the fire.
Third, head down from the stairs and use the sliders to go all the way right to the teleport spot.
That's it. All fires out. Phew. Listen to Match rant. Now you have to head for the Undernet (tip; if you want, use the code you got from Mamoru on the security code to lead to an Atk+1 program, pictured). Head back to Beach 2.

Head around the orange path and go down the stairs. Then head right and follow the purple path until you find a Navi guarding a warp. He'll let you through when you talk to him, since you you have a Tally.
t know about you, but I always thnk of Tron when I see this part.
Anyway, take the fourth right turn, then go left. Take the left-most arrow (not the one pointing up-right and then at the t-junction go left. Enter the next area.
I don'
Go right and up the stairs and colect the HPMemory. Go past the first warp and use to the second one just behind it. Go down the stairs from here and back into Undernet 1.
Go down and immediately make a U-term to go to Undernet 2.
Follow this path to Undernet 3.
Watch the scene and then go right when you reach the purple Navi. Avoid stepping on any arrow-floors and eventually you will see an earthquake occur. Go back to the purple Navi an talk to him. Select 'Fight' to go on. Get past him and step on the long stream of arrows on your left. Go right then right again and watch the scene. Kep going and following the arrows, and then when offered the choice go right.
Must...resist...terribe...'DISCO INFERNO...joke...
Looks like this guy ain't being snuffed out so easily! Just when everything looks dodgy...
Hooray! Kinda...

To Be Continued...

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